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Have you got it?


de ja vu




If anything i'd say that I have 'I hate being mediocre disease' ...Quick! Someone help!


Yes, I also have fastorexia, strongorexia, richorexia, smartorexia, sexorexia. I was diagnosed with the conditions pretty late. I hope to someday find the help that i need so i can finally live a normal healthy life.




Dude was sportin' a MAJOR uni-brow back in the day!


"there's a little demon that tells me even if I win, it's not good enough"

Some people called that demon drive or motivation.


" I got up in the morning and the first thing on me mind was, I need a proper breakfast"

oh dear


and that's the way it should be.

winning, or in the case of non-comp lifters - achieving goals, is never good enough. once you get your 500lb deadlift, are you gonna stop deadlifting? no! you're gonna shoot for 600!


Now you know it folks, if you see a big dude in the gym now you have the way out of saying "poor man, he's just nuts".


My symptoms seem to fluctuate and I am not sure what the stimulus is. Seriously. At times I feel pretty big, at other times I feel anorexic. I know some clothes change how big I feel. Also some people - if I am waiting in line at the bank next to some chick who is 6'1" 200 LBS and not very fat, I can feel like I need to get bigger haha. Its weird - sometimes I feel kind of big, and sometimes I feel way small - but I guess I always feel like I could use a little more muscle. But if I grow - I still feel that way.


And that was only the BEGINNING of each obsessive day. Food is fuel followed by exercise.

dear GOD this man is CRAZY!


I always liked when those who haven't trained or participated in any sports felt it their right to tell us that we are in fact sick people, who needs treatment. After all, they have to make their living, so I don't mind them.


people who run can never run fast enough, people who jump can never jump high enough, and now this? what a sick and twisted world we live in


I'm not sure. Is wanting to have shoulders like Ron Coleman, Bigorexia?


One of the things I despise about our culture is that everything has to have a fucking label. People can't deal with anything other than black & white. It's so easy to be an armchair expert on any subject as long as it's labeled for convenience. Short guys get accused of having "Napoleon Complex". Ambitious women get tagged with "Penis Envy", and so forth. Usually there's some sort of blame, or dysfunction attached to the label.
The media loves it and so do the idiot average Americans.


That's just your "small man syndrome" talking, not you.


If there's anyone out there who believes in anorexia and don't believe in bigorexia, then you are simply a hypocrite. The guy has 19 inch arms yet still he thinks he's "skinny", this is definitely psychological.

Thats like a girl with every single rib visible yet still she thinks she's fat. This guy is easily over 200lbs and he's definitely not tall from what i can see. I doubt anyone on here who is under 5 10" and over 200 lbs sees themselves as skinny.

You may not consider yourself big and you may still want to make gains and improvement, but i doubt you see yourself as "skinny". If you do then you need help also.


That guy also wants to be on tv.