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Bigorexia... Good Grief



The comments are disgusting.

Have a low IQ? Poor job prospects due to lack of educational attainment?

No problem, bulk up until you injure yourself or beat your girlfriend in a fit of roid rage. Spend time in the hospital or jail, rinse, repeat.

The people I know with good jobs are Type A people who love to work out, but can never spend as much time in the gym as they want to because they spend too many hours working. They have good bodies, but don't use roids and don't get overly huge. What keeps them from developing bigorexia is simply having other important things to do."

Powerlifters, bodybuilders, general 'fitness' people (anyone who wants to be big, strong, fast, and lean) are all just people. Some are doctors while others are wiping the shit off a toilet at a McDonald's, some spend hours studying, while others spend hours partying. I am actually sad for those commenters with (bare with me) "small man syndrome" which have the following symptoms.
1: insecurity
2: few skills
3: not respected by peers
4: very few life achievements
5: mediocre in all aspects i.e mental, physical, and social
6:possibly bullied in school, or diddled by a parent figure

I believe their insecurity, and mediocrity are the main reasons why they need to insult others. It is the only time they can feel okay with themselves.


It's every type of insult or excuse in the book with these type of people. Its from "Your big and stupid" to "You're really a faggot". All you can do is walk it off or just smile and laugh at their ignorance. Maybe some guys workout to compensate or because they do have body issues but at least they are out there doing something about it. Maybe the people that are insulting guys like us need to take a step back and realize that they might have self-esteem issues or that they have an unhealthy fixation on homosexuality.


Looks like another excuse for being unhealthy to me. I saw this article on Drudge earlier today and my thoughts were about the same as the OP -- good grief.


I'll bet lots of the bigorexic guys are the ones that are 150lbs and think they're losing muscle if they don't get up at 3 A.M to have a shake.

"I might lose muscle!"

You don't have any muscle anyway. Go back to sleep.


Shitty portmanteau and shitty article. Excellent advertising for the PT aimed at guys who want to get in shape but don't want to be too big, you know? Just toned like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Hot.


The kicker for me was when he was talking about how he weighed all his food. I guess it's bad for your health to know exactly what you are putting into your body...




45% of men dedicate every waking moment to training and diet? Uh, I?m looking around, and I?m not seeing these people.


97.3% of statistics are made up


LOOL at some of the comments:

Can I get an A men.

LO fucking L



'As many as 45-percent of men have fallen victim to bigorexia'

That's you: Adult men who have made the educated, conscious decision and long-term commitment to making exercise, nutrition, and physical wellness a lifelong priority are 'victims'.



Excerpt from a therapy session:
"Oh god-doc! I don't know what to do! It all started with females being naturally attracted to ripped, muscular men..."

Yea right. We are all sick.
I think we should stop lifting weights and get back to couching and healthy fitness programms like "Kettlebellkickboxing", or "Slimnastics", endorsed by CBS.
God forbid someone is counting their macros!


They want us to stay skinny and physically weak


Of course I had to google slimnastics, of course I had to.


Looks like you could fap to that.


The sad thing is that people actually believe these statistics! Go outside right now and find more than 3 people that look like they spent anytime at a gym.



Apparently 45% of all men are not satisfied with how they look?

Makes me proud actuallly....

They dont proclaim that they are "large and in charge" or that they should be loved for their inner beauty, no, they look in the mirror, see a disgusting pig and identify it as such.

Now, they could of course do something about it and they dont, but at least they are firmly rooted in reality.


45% of all men?

Holy shit....the squat racks will be filled to the brim.

Slight doubt of truth of stat....just slight.


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