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Bigkids log .

Starting this log to keep myself motivated throughout training.Preapared for all out hard work this year.Currently intermediate level.
Aim: pretty unrealistic to compete in an year in amateur competitions
Height: 5’11 weight: 83 Age:19
Lifts: dont really care for them…never tried hitting max or something
primary style of training: purely instinctive and plain stupid according to many since I am a intermediate but its kinda working for me.i feel so…basically push pull and legs…with exercises varied instinctively and prioritization instinctive whatever part feels lagging.
High calorie .high volume with plenty of compunds and free weights.machines only used as finishers.
NO MACROS:Just 1 gram a pound o bodyweight protein.
Push: chest, shoulder, tricep
pull: back and bicep
leg:squat.some assistance exercises
leg2: deadlift.some assistance exercises

Welcome to the logs section.

It’s been a while since I saw your thread in the beginners section, what where your main goals again?