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Biggjames Training Log


Since I will be 35 this summer I thought it would be fun to post my workouts. Feel free to comment, I enjoy everyone's comments here at T-Nation, good or bad.
Just remember to train hard and heavy.

DAY 1:
Squats: 10-8-6-6-6
High Box squats: 5-5 50-100 lbs more than squats
Zercher squats: 8-6-6
leg extensions: 8-8-8
leg curls: 8-8-8
Calf work:

Day 2: OFF

Day 3:
Chest and Bi's:
Bench press: 10-8-6-6-6
45* Incline press: 8-6-6
30* Incline DB press: 8-8-8
2" Fat bar curls: 8-8-8
Super bar curls: 8-8-8
DB curls: 8-8
Hammer curls: 8-8
Ab work on swiss ball
Cardio: 30-45 minutes

Day 4: Cardio 30-45 minutes

Day 5:
Shoulders & Tri's:
2" Fat bar push press: 10-8-6-6-6
Rear delts: 8-8-8
Front raise: 8-8-8
Lateral raise: 8-8-8
2" Fat bar close grip BP: 8-6-6
Tricep extensions: 8-8
Tricep pushdowns: 8-8
Ab work on swiss ball
Cardio: 30-45 minutes

Day 6: Cardio 30-45 minutes

Day 7:
Back & Hamstrings:
Deadlifts: 10-8-6-6-6
Rack-pulls w/shrugs using straps:
The first three sets are a single rack pull then do the shrugs: the last two sets are heavy single rack pulls.
Stiff-legged DL's: 8-8
Low barbell rows: 8-8-8
Front lat pulldowns: 8-8-8

Take the next two days off and then start this program all over again. This way the neuromuscular system and the central nervous system has time to rest.

This workout is a butt kicker, but I do enjoy it. As I get older, I am finding that recovery and trying to stay injury free, is the key. I am also fortunate to have my own home gym with real equipment. So I do not have some of the distractions that others might have.

Best of luck and enjoy.
Bigg James


Big James,
My first impression is that it looks like a LOT of volume. Do you incorporate any super/giant sets or antagonistic movements in there? If not, it must take you 75-90 minutes (or more) I'm guessing to complete your sessions and then you throw in 30-45 minutes cardio at the end of Day 3!

How long have you been on this plan and what are your training goals? Have you been able to maintain adequate gains (strength and size) for very long on this regime?




I have been training like this off and on for roughly 5-6 years. I seldom do supersets and or giant sets. It does take any where from 50 mins to 90 mins. Like I said it is a butt kicker and does require more time to recover.

I have been lifting since I was 14 and have been competing in powerlifting since 1987. My competition lifts are as follows:
Squat: 810
Bench: 551
Deadlift: 705

I started to compete in strongman in 1999, and I love it! I am fortunate to have had my mug in Sports illustrated and competed in the All Strength Nations Challenge on team USA, in which we placed 5th. In strongman I have done a personl best in the log clean and press of 355.

My goals are to get stronger and master the strength events, before I get too old. I still feel that I am maintaining strength and getting stronger.

I hope this answers your questions. With a little added info about myself.

Big James


Listen here bigjames. This section is for "OVER 35 Lifter". You said you're going to be 35 this summer. That means you're ALMOST 35. Actually you're still 34. It's almost like trying to sneak on to the T-Vixens section. You have to qualify first.

Don't try to be old. You'll get there soon enough. Without even trying. We could make you an "honorary" member of the Over 35 club....till the summer.

Good lifting.




Ok, so I jumped the gun a little. But come June I will be 35 and I am still going strong. So if you guys want to make me an honorary member that would be cool.

I am very excited for I will have my new power rack in my gym next week. I plan on getting some pictures done for y'all to view. I have some ideas to make some makeshift equipment out of the rack, so stay tuned.

Big James


Why don't you throw a great big birthday party/workout session?
Complete with initiation to the "old folks club".



I guess that qualifies as decent gains in my book since I can't even put up those numbers in a whole set! Just kidding. But those are some serious lbs. Nice work...youngster:P
I'll second the honorary membership.



I need to do something, 35 is a big milestone for me. I have had a few failures in my life and some major accomplishments. The new one is I just got married for the 3rd and hopefully last time, plus she is only 22.

As for goals in my life. I need to finish my BS in exercise science, and be able to squat 900, bench 600, and deadlift 800, before I turn 40.
I enjoy reading everyones posts and comments and I look forward to more in the future.

Big James



Over 35 means >35 not =35. You got another year pal. Maybe I can catch up by then! (22 huh?)


All well, yes she is 22. I know I was off on my math. But maybe a couple of the "older" guys can use me as encouragement, or shun me. I don't care. The point is even if you are 35 and older you can still do it and get strong.

Bigg James


OK, as of Thursday it is official. I am 35,,, my wife says I am an old fart.

For my birthday I went to Twin Falls,Idaho and picked up a new custom power rack and lat pull/low row combo. The equipment is manufactured by Strength Inc. The guy's name is Steve Dewitt and he builds monster equipment for a great price. The equipment is made out of 3x3 tubing and is strong as hell. Steve will also fabricate any type of equipment you may want or need.

If any one is interested in this type of equipment, check out his strength equipment site.

Since I have my new equipment, I feel better about squatting and benching alone. So I started training for a BP,DL meet in September and I am getting back in to the groove. I will keep everyone here "T-Nation" posted, on how my training goes.

Everyone take care for now.

Bigg James


Lot of volume, your GPP must be great, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Thank you. I try to work my ass off. But it is still there.


Here are some pics of mine and halfpintdd's home gym. We are very fortunate to have this.