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Biggest Upset Ever... U.S.A Beats Spain 2-0!!


I am so proud of being an American right now. Our team beat Spain the number 1# ranked team in the world which had piled up a record 15 game winning streak and had not lost since 2006!!

This will be considered one of the greatest upset,If not, the greatest upset in sports history(Similar to miracle on Ice)

Now there off to the Final, presumably against Brazil !!! wow. Even if you're not a soccer fan, You got to be proud of the U.S soccer team. I mean damn, Its Like a college team beating the Lakers. They have to have big balls and even bigger heart to do that. USA!! USA!!!


Easy bro. It's soccer. Fucking soccer. C'mon.


And this mentality is gonna change with this victory.


WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!



Get off the acid.


More people will watch the finals now that USA is in it, I hope they win, it be a nice change.


I can't believe I missed it. I've watched every CC match so far. Shit!

I'm gonna watch Brazil - South Africa tomorrow though.





Wait-- which one is soccer, again? Is that the one where they run around with butterfly nets and face-masks, or am I thinking of something else?


AWESOME!! Especially after such an ugly start last week.




If you can't appreciate the win, then leave the thread fightinirish


hey so what happened With your Ricky hatton avatar?? Oh yea, he got knocked out so you took it out. I love You're loyalty.


Well done boys!


He's still my favorite boxer. Always will be. I rotate them.


That was a great game.

Spain played beautifully though, notice how Riera and Mata were ALWAYS open on the left? They were playing just like Barcelona.


Great result against Spain but the final is going to be ugly for you guys. I predict 5-0 Brasil.


not a surprise coming from a guy who's in Mexico. Come on, don't be bitter. This is good for the concacaf.


Bang on.


This.. Shouldn't be posible..

It's too much of a crappy B-movie win! argh.


no, no it won't. I thought of your old thread after they won, and was very impressed, but this won't go down in history like other great matches (because sadly it's soccer)