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Biggest Squat Ever...


check it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEHOqM5aVvQ&feature=related

I'm not sayin anything, just want to humor myself while reading your comments.


It looks like he's doing lockouts since he set the supports high.


that was ghey

here's one of the biggest squats ever


i knew it was going to be this video

but the thing is, he actually has good sized legs.


Is that a midget in the background????


Awesome stuff right there.


I prefer small person


Its somebody kneeling.


That was some funny crap. I have to admit, though, I don't think I do partials with that much weight.


Nah, you can tell he's standing when at 0:58 he squats down. I wonder what squats.


bout 495


You see the size of kirk's legs? Fucking awesome.




I find the video of the guy 1/4 aquatting like 6-7 plates per side, and almost dying under the weight when he goes to re-rack it.


I love this one. Who said squats couldn't be an arm exercise? I'm seeing big triceps in this guy's future!


is that even 1/4 of a squat, id say it was prob more like 1/8th of a real squat.


Haha, I've been guilty of that before. shame


Am I the only one noticing how retarded this guy looks inbetween sets? It looks like he prances around on his toes or something, I can't quite explain it but he moves really strangely after each set, almost as if he has a mental impairment.


Ref orig;What's with the funny walking, how much can he do when he's not holding back an urgent shit?


No your not alone on that. It almost looks like he is giddy with joy. At first I thought ok why are video this guy doing walk outs. Then He slams the bar down on the pins 6inches from lockout and rebounds back up slanted. WOW.

But the best part is the way he charges into the bar.