Biggest Shock: Clinton Affair or Bush Admin?

Most of the threads on this section of the forum are stupid and a waste of time: just like this one.

I see a lot of conservative/libertarian thinkers that hang around here that are obsessed with Obama and its getting lame with all the same stuff being written about him or whatnot. No admin in the next 10 years is going to cut taxes or legalize cannabis. Get over it lol.

Annnnnyway… what was more shocking in America: when Bill Clinton got blown, or when Bush was reelected?

On one side you have a well like dude who got humiliated, and on the other you have a dude so inarticulate that nearly no one liked him. Both are ridiculed on a regular basis even to this day. American politics is known internationally for stupidity, corruption and affairs. Its a brand even more powerful than McDonalds you might say. There are worse political systems elsewhere but they aint in Americas spotlight.

So, who am I?

Well…they call be da baker for all the bread I got but they call me Bill Clinton for all the head I got

Also referred to the priest for the way i pray but also labeled Bush for all the stupid things I say.


I was not shocked at all by Clinton’s BJ. Amused, if anything.

I was stunned by Bush’s reelection. I remember staying home the day after the election in a state of depression, feeling much like that famous British tabloid headline - “How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?”

You two are so adorable.

[quote]katzenjammer wrote:
You two are so adorable.[/quote]
I questioned my sanity in even responding to this thread, but since the question came from a New Zealander I thought it interesting.

Anyway, those were my personal reactions at the time of both events. Obviously not representative of Americans as a group.