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Biggest Regrets


Anyone here having a big regret in their life? I'm talking about the kind that keep you up at night sometimes, or ones that you think about every once in a while when you're just relaxing. The type of regrets that give you that "punched in the stomach" type feeling when you reminisce on them.

I'll give my biggest regret first.

I dated a girl in high school for a couple years. She was incredible...just incredible. She was head-and-shoulders beyond every other girl her age in looks, maturity, intelligence, and overall character. Our relationship was great, but towards the end, being the cocky, naive jock that I was, I began to take her for granted. I simply didn't have the maturity at that point in time to provide her with what she really needed emotionally. Finally, she dumped me.

Looking back on it, I realize how bad, how seriously BAD, I fucked up. This girl was simply amazing...everything I want in a life partner. Even as a senior in high school, she was more mature than ANY girl I have met in college. Not a fuckin day goes by that she doesn't cross my mind. I want her back more than anything in the world...to go back to what we had. Seriously, this shit weighs on my mind...its a fuckin scar that I'm gonna carry with me for the rest of my life. I don't know if I will ever get her out of my mind and heart. And this shit has been going on for two years now...365 days a year I think about her...

So, anyone else have any regrets they wanna talk about?


Not wrestling Andy Kaufman.


yea, everyones got one of those, myself included. don't worry, another one will come along, and you'll forget all about her.


Don't worry, you'll die some day.


pa-fucking-thetic story...

if fucking up a high school relationship is the worst thing you've been through in life you've had an exceptionally cushy existence up to this point...

why don't you try forging ahead and making something out of yourself instead of crying over stupid high-school crap...


I have tons. Lots of stuff I've done that I wish I hadn't, things I didn't do that I wish I had, and situations I've gotten myself into that I wish I'd had the probity to steer clear of.

Pretty much every girl I dated in HS I regret. I regret every girl I didn't date in college.


Btw, I had the same shit going into college. In my particular case, the girl was a manipulative bitch, and I had to work through how fucked up the whole thing was, forgive her, and stop letting her continue to manipulate me.


Thats when you stick it in her butt...


How old are you again?


I take the advice of my old man (he happens to be a cancer survivor, so I figure he knows a thing or two about not taking life for granted): never, ever conciously regret anything. Anything that happened has already happened. Regret is an nothing but a destructive emotion.

Like they say: you can wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up faster.


I will never understand this. I never will. Why - WHY - do people gotta talk shit over the internet?

I NEVER said this was the roughest shit I've been through in my life. Hell, I never even implied it. All I said was that it was a regret that continues to bother me. Calm the fuck down. You wanna call it a high school relationship and thats fine...but you don't know me, and you don't know the situation, so why do you gotta comment on it like an asshole?

I was simply stating a regret that I have, and thought that I could start a thread where people discuss some regrets they may have, pertaining to anything.

I just don't get why you gotta start shit over the internet of all places by saying things like "I should make something of myself." You don't know me or the experiences I've had in my life.


I regret reading this thread.

I was training this morning and a guy I used to train with a few years ago came in. He has been given 3-6 months to live after battling cancer. Regrets? There are bigger things in life than spending your time worrying about what 'could have been'. When it comes to relationships good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment.

Now throw away that soy latte and quit blubbering like a baby.


Seriously stop beating yourself up over the lost girl(you'll regret doing that too). Best advice I can give is hindsight is always 20/20. My biggest regret was jumping into going to college for something that I will never use. Expensive lesson.


Now that I hear how hard you took the breakup, I regret nailing her on the rebound.


once again I have totally underestimated how emotionally delicate so many of the testosterone driven 'men' are around here...

if I was around you I'd give you a hanky to cry in...

if you find yourself saying this crap in another twenty years go ahead and shoot yourself...


Everyone must learn to forgive themselves.

Whenever I think about a regret I have, I consciously forgive myself and try to move on.


yeah i have one, although its nothing thats on my mind ALL THE TIME it is most def on my mind at times, when im sitting on the porch smoking a cigar, and reminesing(sp?)

Back in high school i was very strong for my size, and fast and everyone was saying play football or wrestle, run track or something, i practically had coaches come up to me and ask to be on the team. instead of joining the team, i decided to continue bmx riding, being the rebel i was back then.

now when i think back i could've had a scholarship of something, instead i'm paying thousands of dollars a semester, and working a full time job, btw im 20yo, and still live at home with my parents because i cant afford to move out.


I regret that I wasn't six inches taller. I also regret that I didn't ever learn to longsnap cause a good longsnapper with decent size has a ticket to the league.


Although I would have phrased it much differently, I'm totally agreeing wholeheartedly with this post and his previous one. Although I wouldn't offer a 'hankie', but rather a sneer, a scoff and a STFU.

DUDE..."Regret" only wastes time and energy (and training recovery time). Put it to rest and get on with your life...

Use it...focus it...learn from it. Period

There will be plenty of other times to screw up your life with stupid mistakes, if you are lucky. Trust me.


It was you that said this was your "biggest regret." And if this is your "biggest regret," then you really don't have a heck of a lot to worry about yet.

Better yet...regret not and forge ahead.