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Biggest Problem In Training


I’ve been doing some deep digging with my clients to uncover their biggest hang-ups in training.

What’s holding you back from the high-performance body you’re training for?


Reconstructed ACL. Soon though…


If I’m 100% honest with myself, I’ve never been able to commit to big eating in the way that I probably should have in order to gain weight/strength. As a former fatty, the prospect of losing my abs has always been too scary. I’ve been able to progress slowly, with more slight caloric excess (and occasional ‘cuts’ to ditch any fluff that did accumulate), but I probably could/should be further now with the time I’ve spent lifting.


Inflammation and lumbago kind of things.


My huge dong.

And also I don’t sleep worth a fuck


Not much. I do the best I can, which isn’t as good as some and is better than others.


Atrial Fibrillation (& associated medication)


Work. Physical labor makes being consistent in the gym a lot harder.


Constantly overtraining.

I’ve always just pushed myself far past what I should in my workouts and never trained smart.

For this first time I understand this, and have committed myself to a real program.

FFS, yesterday I was even able to comprehend that I had to back off my PR set because I’m dealing with a ton of stress from school.


A series of bad habits I picked up long before I picked up a barbell.


The lifestyle. The high stress, low sleep, and haphazard diet are not doing me any favours in terms of pushing it to the next level. That said, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at.


Two major things:
Chronic lower back pain
Sleep Apnea.

Other than that Id say I build muscle pretty fast.


The quest for the “perfect template/routine”

And I really like beer. And will ditch a planned session depending on the surf report/forecast.

EDIT. and of course work, family, wedding, life, etc.


I find that being a responsible adult with a career, kids and responsibilities really hinders my training.


I currently have a physical labor job. It’s not slinging a sledge hammer “all day”, it is done sometimes on certain jobs.

Being consistent in my workouts and recovering from them makes the job easier. It also comes in handy in my softball coaching role.

So to answer OP’s question, it’s excuses that cause a person to not reach their goals. Pure and simple

  1. I love food. Usually pretty good on weekdays, but come the weekend I tend to go all out, especially when doing social things.

  2. Opposing goals. Somedays I dream of being lean and agile like Spider-man, and other days I want to be massive and powerful like the hulk. Its hard to find a diet and training program that satisfies such opposing goals.

  3. Normal life. I can be highly strung and don’t sleep the best. Also I love my coffee which can interrupt with my sleep. I travel often, and the long hours of sitting pisses my lower back off.



Well, and ruptured ACLs.


I’m sorry, I can’t go off of blanket statement like “It’s excuses that cause a person not to reach their goals”.

It looks great on a t-shirt or as a slogan, but in real life people have to make priorities and people will encounter difficulties of varying degree. That’s not say their isn’t some truth to it.

On one end, you have the person with pancreatic cancer who also has full blown aids and on the other hand you have a whiny little runt who says they can’t do their job because of a hang nail. And then you might have someone with great genetics and brought up in a family that teaches great work ethic and many connections from the family, and then there’s the person born with a severe down’s syndrome in 5th ward in H-town raised my multiple terrible foster parents.

I always have to make sure that I see the different shades of gray in between and understand any mitigating circumstances.

Having said all that, I find my work suffers if I do full out training more than 3x a week. I’ll still do conditioning and work some weak points with small movements in between.

So how did you build yourself up to your current work capacity.


Injuries! God never made us very robust. I rather be a hundred year old tree! :smiley:


A maple tree?

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