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Biggest PR Jumps


Okay, before you say anything, I know there's already a PR thread on here, but this one's a little different. I hit a 10 lb PR on incline BP tonight (205x3). Last week I hit 195x3.

In light of my new PR, I have a question for everybody else: What's the biggest jump in PR's that you guys have had? It can be over a course of a week or a couple of months, just curious to see what type of jumps in weight you guys have had.



My biggest jump i can think of the last 6mths since i started to train was a 220 push press in about 6 weeks after switching from a 170 strict OHP top weight that took about 3 mths.


A couple weeks ago I struggled to pull 315 and couldn't pull 335. 4 days later I hit 355. Now at 405. Expecting to pull between 425 and 440 if my gains from the weeks prior continue at the same pace. Expecting to hit 500 before the semester is up, then who knows. (deadlift)


Damn, dude. That's awesome. Hope you hit 500.



I went from 500 to 600 on DL in 10 weeks. Last week I hit 225*8 on incline bench, this time 245*8. A few weeks ago I was doing DB military with 80s, now it's the 100s. Also added 50lbs to my squat in three weeks one time, from 405 to 455, but I'm past that now.


The first time I hit a 200kg (440lb) deadlift, it was a 35kg (77lb) PR. I had previously hit 165 for a triple a few months before, but had not actually pulled heavy from the floor since then. It was a nice surprise!


I can't really recall over thirty years, but I got drilled by 335 on a paused two board early January and doubled 350 easy last week paused . My deadlift was 585 last October . Josh will have me max after sixteen weeks of training . He's hoping for and expecting 625-650.