Biggest Mistake a Beginner Can Make

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Well you have posted in no less than two threads where I answered your question at least 16 times in one of them.



Here is one of them.[/quote]

Yes, I grant you that one. Did you really answer it 16 times? I’ll need to check back for that…

Are there others?

Because since that thread I have been particularly careful to simply link wannabe bodybuilders seeking program advice to ‘do this routine instead of that dumb one’.

There is still something biting me about this issue, though.

In Oly Lifting there is controversy over generalist vs specialist training. The bulgarian approach is a good example of specialist training - train snatch, clean, jerk often. That is how you get good at snatch, clean, jerk. The polish approach (in the 60’s) was more generalist. You can watch a series of youtube clips on how they trained. They did running and jumping and swimming and so on. Of course Bulgaria did particularly well and a lot of people became convinced that specialist training was the way to go… But of course Poland produced some phenomenal lifters as well with their more generalist approach.

There is still some controversy over specialist vs generalist training… In particular about whether wannabe Oly Lifters are best starting out doing a general strength program or doing a more particular program that is totally focused on the Oly Lifts / Partials of the Oly Lifts. While the standard view (from those in the know) is probably specialist - I don’t think this is totally unanimous.

I find the history of weight training pretty fascinating. More generalist training… People did strongman type stuff and had bodybuilding physiques and did Olympic Lifting…

Though maybe the point is that while those physiques were impressive from a bodybuilding point of view at the time…

The bar has now been raised. So like the Bulgarian thing for weightlifting… Specialist training is the way to go. So if you wannabe a bodybuilder then do bodypart split programs from day 1. And learn the mind-muscle connection.

But do none of the big bodybuilder guys think that people might benefit from starting out their training a bit more generalist??

I’m just trying to understand. Sorry… I’m a pest like that.