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Biggest Man in Hollywood?


At least judging by this pic, he would appear to be.

Vinnie Jones.


What pic?


He's referencing the Juggernaut pic from the new X-Men. That's a muscle suit he's wearing. He's a skinny guy without it.


Michael Clark Duncan


Dalpi Singh, aka Turley in "the Longest Yard."


Gigantism. It's actually classified as a pituitary disease. Wish I could of caught a little of that.


Yeah, it's great. Well, except for the part about your life expectancy being shortened by about 30-40 years.


Not sure if he has acromegaly, gigantism, etc. Guy is massive. Accordign to Wikpedia, the IFBB listed him at 6'11 1/2, 387 lbs. while competing. Won the Mr. India super-heavyweight class.

In the DVD extra stuff on The Longest Yard, they talk about his diet. Guy would eat 100 hard boiled eggs a day while shooting the film.


He doesnt look so big from the pic. I need some better references as I've never seen the movie.

Ving Rhames always seemed like a big character but I have no idea on stats. Throwing it out there. Some movies he just appears huge.


Was this guy in "Tango and Cash"?


Have you ever seen a bigger-nay, manlier chin? Deary me!


Here's a pic w/ Adam Sandler, for reference (best I could find), who's apparently 5'9.


No. That guy was white.


Robert Z'Dar from Tango and Cash.

the man who needs no makeup.


It's the MANIAC COP!!

One of the truly great cult 80's flicks.

Check it out if you're bored one night. A lot of gruesome fun.


Dalpi is huge... but I gotta go with Michael Clark Duncan. That dude is ridiculous.


The chin only a mother could love.


I thought you guys would have gotten the memo already, heres our new big guy:


Tweety...The Movie
A bird taking functional strength/muscle to the extreme.


...And our newest: