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Biggest Log - Unofficial

While all the poop was being flung around - this happened:

I believe this is the heaviest log ever clean and pressed. Impressive training lift and should result in continued world records

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So who do we have in contention for breaking the record in comp now?

Luke Stoltman

I wouldn’t put Biby in contention in a comp, given he has never been able to replicate his training lifts in competition. Right now he’s just an Instagram hero.

He’s hit 220kg in comp though the attempt before the WR attempt. Graham Hicks and Luke Stoltman are around there too yeah? If I was a betting man I’d put my money of Hicks to break the WR or at least to beat whoever sets it first right after lol

No idea: I honestly don’t follow the sport on the pro level.

Luke Stoltman has hit 222.5kg in training, and I trust him to be honest about the numbers a lot more than I do Iron Biby.

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225kg as of recently