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Biggest Dumbbells Ever




Stan's a beast, it did look very awkward loading because of the shape though.
I think he woulda done better if they moulded them out of cast iron
like ronnie's DBs.


Close but no cigar.




I still love this Thomas Inch video:


Best youtube comment.

"Stating the fact that he's using bad form doesn't mean we're implying he's not strong. He's using his back to lift the weight, which is bad form. I'm not saying he's weak because of that or that I could lift that weight - simply that he needs better form."



the best was jamiany on the 175x33 video also by Matt.


Oh shit wow....amazing. So like, DB rows aren't supposed to be done with your back? I've been doing them wrong too, and I'm up to 200x10. Gunna have to find one of the skinny kids in the gym to teach me proper form on them I suppose.


Good video, thanks for sharing.


yer they actually invented those dumbells for me so I could do my curls it's how i got my 23" arms.


Check out this vid of Stan Efferding - He Incline bench presses 210 DB's for 10 clean reps! He may not look as good as Ronnie but he can out bench him.


He grunted AND dropped the weights. Someone sound the lunk alarm...


There is another vid of Stan and Flex Wheeler doing flat bench. It's fairly new so Flex is not in his prime (strength wise). Let just say Flex's bench is way behind Stan's


I was just about to post that.


HOLY F*ck!!!
Thats insane!!!!
Wicked video mate thanks for sharing...


There's a dude at my gym that is pretty big, but not like "omg huge" status that presses the 180 lb DBs on Incline for at least 7 really clean reps. Fuckin trips me out. Same bastard throws up 405 on incline for 4-5 clean reps.


The heaviest Dumbbell ever is 413 lbs


Madness. Beautiful madness.


The biggest problem I see when people do back exercises is they do everything but retract their shoulders, as in the first video, it is like an oblique-arms-erector exercise.


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