Biggest Dumbbell in Your Gym

just wondering …


unfortunatly 100 lbs :frowning:

140 lbs

50 kilos, so I guess its 110 lbs?


my gym’s awsome

[quote]trav123456 wrote:

my gym’s awsome[/quote]

Yeah mine goes up to 160 as well and mines just a regular Gold’s.

75’s… But that’s because I work out at home.

I can load my DBs up to 400+ lbs… so I have everyone beat, although I have no chance of moving it.

  1. Not great, but by not particularly horrible I suppose.



115lb at one location, 150lb at the other

[quote]scorpion33 wrote:
unfortunatly 100 lbs :-([/quote]

330lbs. 150kg

No shit.

125, GPI rubberized ones.

[quote]steelechris wrote:
125, GPI rubberized ones.[/quote]

150lbs, not bad for a 24 hour fitness.


Fucking annoying handles on almost every dumbbell though, they’re supposed to be molded to enhance grip, but unless you are 6’7" or have monstrous hands it’s like a thick bar handle…

100s :frowning:

Gym 1) 140s
Gym 2) 100s