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Biggest Curl?


What's the the freakiest barbell curl you've heard of or seen?

I've seen 225 cheat curls a few times .

I joke sometimes with folks in the gym who are deadlifting and ask if they are about to curl the weight in front of them on the ground...just once id like for them to say yes and curl 315 or more

Form wouldn't even matter as long as it doesn't look like a hang clean.


Haha Arnold claimed a 275 x 3 cheat curl in the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. That's as high as I've heard of.

As far as IRL goes, I think the best I've seen is 100lb DB cheat curls.


Internet legend holds Bill Kazmaier cheat curled 440 lbs and 315x15.


Magnus Samuelsson did 308x4 with very good form considering the weight.



I forgot about Magnus, that 308 set is insane.


I forgot about Magnus, that 308 set is insane.

x2 that is just plain retarded


x3 I can't even bench that. Crazy.



Thanks for posting that.


I like that vid where David Henry hammer curled 120 DBs, and another pro watches incredulously in amazement while telling another pro about it on the phone (I can't recall the pros, nor find the video).


I don't know who this dude is, but it's a sad state of Internet affairs that I wouldn't doubt that some people would've made a video like that and then posted a comment on some forum along the lines of, "Dude, I totally just one-arm curled 210x15!"

On topic, some powerlifting or strongman federations do have a "strict curl" event:

^ This 245 curl is supposed to be a record set in 2010.




Haha! That's right, Spidey!


bwaaaahahahahaha!!! Look at that dudes outfit! hahahahaha amazing!!!!!


ummmm what was "strict" about that curl? The commands?


That's the worst form ever and he's doing it all wrong.

Why does he even try? He's just not cut out for this.


That was amazing, he must have repped that like 15-20 times. He's on his way to Swole!!


That guy, too me, is what Brad Pitt was to Frank Yang.

I'm dedicating my life forced rep preacher curls, and shopping exclusively at flea markets, in order to recreate his image.


^^This guys videos are great! hahahaha I love em!


Really beats home the point that everything must be strong for strongman. Time to work.


I recall an old photoshoot in Flex magazine where Kevin Levrone and Gunter Shlierkamp jointly curled a 400+ lb barbell. Some of the oddest photos I've ever seen -lol