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Biggest and Greatest Life Change


...is about to happen in next 3-4 weeks..Lil' Boss is coming.


That's a handsome fella! Congrats!


Congratulations to my brother !


Nice! It's a really good change. I have a 9 and 2 year old. You'll wonder what you used to do with your life before. Well, you used to sleep but that's a thing of the past.


Congrats brotha.

punk ass


It looks upside down...I think. I unno, looks cute. Congrats, brother.


I'm not going to lie; I can't really tell what's going on in that picture.

Congrats, good luck, and what have been your predominant thoughts on it lately?




Ding! Gratz :wink:




Look for a face. I didn't know what was going on either, then I shat bricks.


Congrats Big Boss, now remember you have to wait till he is 1yrs old to teach the figure 4 leg lock.


Hey! It finally happened!
Congrats to you and family, Boss!

Being a dad rocks!


Congrats Bawse!! May that be the first child of many to warm your household.




Lol..well he will have plenty of exposure to that...but I'm leaning towards developing a nasty straight right-lead round kick combo right out the womb.


Congratulations, man! That's pretty awesome! And don't be too worried about all of the lack of sleep comments (everyone swearing you won't get any sleep). I admit I have a fairly good baby but he's been sleeping through the night since he was 6-8 weeks old and typically sleeps from 9-9 every night. A few friends of mine have similar experiences, hopefully your baby is a good sleeper as well!

How is the wifey/gf handling it? Is she just about fed up with being prego yet?


Well..a month ago..I was "oh,shit...I'm having a kid" lol. But I've excited..nervous..impatient..all kinds of emotions. Overall I'm excited..can't wait to meet him. :slight_smile:


congrats Big Boss. that is really a livechanging experience. My son was born in October so i am lucky enough to experience the same things.

This will be just awesome when your baby is born.It will be a bit more tricky to find training time and it is completely funny to get up at 6 am on saturdays or sundays :slight_smile:


Hey, this will be me in a year and a half or so.