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i am 30 and trying to gain size, other than eating right and training heavy, what supplements would you guys recommend? currently i am taking

  1. creatine
  2. whey
  3. myoplex after workouts

is that enough?

should i try TRIBEX, Methoxy-7, or Grow! from Biotest? any opinions will be welcome…thanx

dump the whey and the myoplex.
Add Low-Carb Grow! and Surge after workouts.
The other stuff is up to you. The Grow! and the Surge are pretty much mandatory.
What’re your workouts like?

x2 for the Master Blaster.

Replace #2 with Low-Carb Grow!, and replace #3 with Surge. Also, pick up some fish oil (Member’s Mark is inexpensive and of good quality) and/or Udo’s Choice Oil Blend.


I’ll ditto what’s been said above, and add that the most efficient use of (plain, unflavored) creatine seems to be by adding a teaspooon to your post-workout Surge. I do, and it doesn’t affect the taste at all.

Also, you should look through the blue “Article Library” section at both the “Diet Programs” and “Nutrition and Supplements” sections. Articles like “The Science of Nutrient Timing” and “Protein Prejudice” will help.

Good luck.

Thank you guys, i appreciated