Bigger Women

Now, I love to workout as I am sure most of you guys do. I love having the look of being fit as opposed to being a fat slob (pause for Well duh, stupid)… alright. But it seems I am more attracted to girls who are bigger in stature, with a little meat on them. Skinny girls make me sick. Girls with some muscle and are a little cut are good, but I am still more attracted to your typical Latina ass. Anyone else like me?

Anything smaller than a size 9 and I feel like I’m checking out a little girl. Especially if she’s short. I like my women tall and with a little extra meat, but no size 16 or anything. Size 9/10 and 5’9" or taller is nice.

I’ve said before that I don’t mind girls who are 6’-6’2" & ~170lbs because I used to row & that’s what I’m kind of used to. As long as she’s got something to grab but she doesn’t walk like a guy she’s ok.

I am, i can’t stand the anorexic look most models have. And i don’t like cut up girls, they lose all their curves, for me a girl with 15%\20% fat is ideal.

Meeat eez for the man,bone eez for the dog!

Right with ya on this one, Buff and Ty…I don’t think I’ve ever dated a girl that’s weighed less than 130. There is nothing wrong with a little meat and a bit of curve. I do like girls with a bit of muscle, and am definitely down with the latinas!!

Shakira, J.Lo…nothing special about them, but their butts and hips are really something.
Nothing beats that.

Whats up with this "I like big butts" thing?..big hips and thigs are UGLY!..Ive seen J"big ugly fat ass"LO in a swimsuit(LIVE)…And Im serious when I say she had cellulites ALL OVER her ass and tighs..I just dont see why men think shes so sexy.(I know my english sucks..Im from Denmark)

Ed C, to tell you the truth,I don’t know why I like big asses and hips.I just do. Maybe, on some deeper level, I think they would make a good mothers or something.I don’t like celulite, but I would still choose J.Lo’s or Shakira’s ass over “normal” looking one any day of the week. People get turned on by different things, some “like” little children, some like to use their mouths as toilets, some are turned on by freakin’ shoes.Well, I like bigger hips and butts.It’s that simple.

And I started worrying about Draz’s input on this subject…

A little meat in the rump okay, but I hate fat gut! eww even worse is fatty arms. I say smaller the better…Makes me feel like a big man, theres this one little girl (shes 19 or so but small). I used to get smiles from her until i ripped ass in front of her at the gym…now she looks at me weird. Next time i see her doing abs, I’m gonna squat on her face and fart again. FUCK YOU LITTLE GIRL!

Oh my god Scott I hate you, you should have been there, the girl looked at him like he just killed her first born, oh man I am tearing up, that’s priceless.

I like women. I have had women of all sizes.
The ones I like best are short with a full body.good legs, tits, ass. The thing about women with meat on them is because they look better for one. Then there is the whole child bearing thing. I like the way a thicker girl feels against me. She doesn’t have to be fat, or big.just enough to go around. I am not a j-lo fan or shakira. They do have asthetically pleasing bodies though.

I love large hips and a big J-Lo or Shakira-type ass. I can’t stand skinny women that have bodies like 8 year old boys. I’m 5’8, and I don’t like girls being taller than me…

Two words: Sofia Vergara. She’s not fat, but damn the body on that woman.

Who is Sofia Vergara?

I like there to be enough cushion for the pushin’ without it feeling like I’m humping a couch. J Lo has a good ass, but damn, she’s getting uglier and uglier as the years go on. Besides that, she’s just ghetto trash anyway. Shakira on the other hand… Yum.

I would do them all. Just give me one that does not have a flat line on EEG. I have been out with some girls that resemble walking zombies. Would not want to repeat that ever again.

I think the phrase you’re looking for is “Two tits, a hole, and a heartbeat.”

For Sofia Vergara, check out the new stuff or go to As far as J.Lo, she’s not ghetto trash, she hasn’t lived here in the BX for quite some time. Trash, sure, ghetto trash, no. But I’d still put the penis to her.