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Bigger Traps?


I just think those are amazing.. and was wondering what workouts/movements would help me to reaching this goal of having big visible traps (muscles on top of the shoulder/upper back) like Mr. Goldberg?

Thanks T-Nation


deads, cleans, farmer's walk, shrugs


Deadlifts, shrugs, angled shrugs,facepulls
farmers walks. Anything that activates the upper back and lots of it.


The jackhammer.



If you're ever in WI let's do traps together:)


Goldberg is notorious for his traps, it's just genetics in his case. To really bring up a muscle group you have to train it frequently and slowly increase sets and reps. Try Thibaudeau's 'The Specialization Zone' or Waterbury's "Perfect 10". The only personal tip I have is not to add weight for at least a month and let the body fully adapt to the current one.


Certainly. Thats probably about as far as I'd have to go too. The guys I'm lifting with now think that pulls like that are nuts;)


When I change from doing Deadlifts and lunges to doing Squats, I then add the dumbell or barbell shrug to my regime. Doing direct trap exercises like shrugs whilst doing exercises which involve the traps heavily like Deads is too much for me, but either way this methods works well.

The traps are always getting stimulation either way. Just look at your form whilst doing Shrugs, many people do this rolling shoulders thing, which makes my shoulders hurt just to watch, practise good form and you'll be right.


I'm quite sure some are genetically predisposed to certain body parts training 'easier' than others. Goldberg or none else for that matter gets traps like those without a lot of heavy work


Yea, actualy his traps look just about right in relation to the rest of his shoulder girdle. Nothing extrordinary that would indicate that they grow faster than the rest of him.


Rowing Movements


But do you see everyone who works hard on their traps having them like Goldberg's? Case in point. Andf we don't know if he works them heavy or not. He could be doing 20rep upright rows and pulley isolation moves for all we know.


Don't forget gear. Doesn't the traps have more androgen receptors than any muscle group.



Guy's a beast.


i shrug twice a week, day one if possible i add weight or reps, day two i maintain the weight/reps i added on day one..my sets go like this, (weight does not include bar)..270x10-12, 360x10, 450x8-10, 540x6-7, and my final set right now is 565x6...day one is with shoulders, day two with back...if i'm not making enough progess on shrugs i will add dumbell shrugs in tripple drop set manner for 3-4 sets and/or calf machine shrugs, this on day one...on day two i always do heavy, high rep deadlifts focusing on my traps at the end of every rep as much as i can...this is what i do, nothing special but it has worked great for me


He doesn't look like he's on roids, at least you'd think hed have bigger arms.


I only do shrugs, going as heavy as possible. My traps have grown enough to get comments about them from that alone. It isn't as if there is a secret to trap growth. Some people simply have muscle groups that grow easier than others.


Yah, I'm sure that is the rep scheme and exercises he does.

As I stated some are genetically predisposed, and nobody doing 20 rep schemes and pulley isolations looks like this.

It's not purely genetics. The stimulation must also be there


I wasn't actually commenting on him using gear, but stating that the traps have the largest number of androgen receptors of all the muscles in the body. My traps tend to grow without much direct work. It seems that by putting things over my head and picking things up off the ground they grow. It is really quite simple.