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Bigger Thighs, Live Longer


It was about time,they said that being bigger is better.


Even suggested a new workout to live longer:

Mon: Thighs - 10 reps

Wed: Thighs - 10 reps

Fri: Thighs - 10 reps

(gains should be 6-10%)


Squats = King of all Exercises


This made me laugh...thighs ... how do you perform a set of thighs? ha!


I would put up a picture, but it would get taken down


Taking this to it's logical conclusion: Tom Platz should be immortal.


I'm tired of these bullshit surveys.

LoLz, yes, I know this will encourage sexier women and make us feel better about doing our sqauts, but think about the research done on the subject. It lacks backing and citation. Why can't they fucking do something accurate for once, and do serval biopsies, something like that, instead of basing it on one's physical appearance and statistics.

It's like how everyone is so wrung up about their BMI which assesses your body through a math calculation... seriously guys, the fuck?

:stuck_out_tongue: /rant


I think everyone is aware now that BMI is bullshit. Heck we're all 'extremely overweight' or 'obese' on here anyway.


yeah you live longer, but you can't wear jeans that fit


This is interesting, so the more muscle mass you have the lower you're risk of diabetes?

Regardless of diet?


I am set if there is any truth to this.