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Bigger, Stronger, or Leaner?

Which should you work on first if your goal is extreme size and development?

get lean first
then get strong and big while keeping bodyfat in check.

is this a gymrat subforum?

[quote]browndisaster wrote:
get lean first
then get strong and big while keeping bodyfat in check.

is this a gymrat subforum?[/quote]

Great response. Are you “extremely developed”?

yeah, pics in my log

To expand on getting big and strong, they go hand in hand.

Bench pressing 30 more pounds might not make much a difference in your physique - weight gain, technique change, firing your muscles better could make that change. However, adding 30 lbs to the lift while doing things like keeping the same form, not gaining fat, maintaining MMC, etc. will make an impact. That’s why routines like Max OT, DC training, and even some powerlifting programs result in gains. When it comes down to it, the process is pretty slow at times and its not really exciting to be so patient, but the changes add up over time significantly. You can take these lifts and increase weight, decrease rest times, add volume, slow down the negatives, etc - as long as you’re performing the exercises properly and better you’ll gain muscle.

To gain muscle you essentially bump carbs up and try to increase your performance in one of these relevant ways in the gym.

Well, I disagree with working on getting lean first unless truly overweight and carrying too much body fat. To get “extremely developed” requires quite a bit of time just working on size alone. That doesn’t mean let body fat get out of control. It means working on getting lean before any mass is built will leave most NOT looking the way they want to.

I would say it depends… It truly depends on your bodytype and your response to training. IE ecto,endo,meso… There is no one size fits all. They all need to Bulk to get to their goals. But this can get out of hand for some.