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Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Guys and Girls,

Anyone seen the above?

It had little coverage in the UK, I happened to stumble across it whilst on holiday in China.
Neverless (and despite not being American) I was able to relate to this film and the effect idols in all sports can have on how people shape their lives.

Chris Bell touches on some important and overlooked issues. For me, this film was what oppened my eyes to the wrongs in the sporting world and fitness industry.

Allthough having said that who am I to judge what is wrong. The film gives an excellent representation for arguments both favouring and condeming steriods/performance enhancement drugs.



Hmm…I’m confused…

So you didn’t see it I guess…?


Nope saw it own it love it I just think you didn’t see the search bar

Ok you win…

My bad, thanks for pointing that out though.

Good movie. No need to apologize for being late to see it.