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Bigger, Stronger, Faster*


I just saw this documentary and thought it was very well done.

Since reading some pro-steroid opinions from this site, I've developed quite a bit more of an educated stance. I really wish people weren't so influenced by the media without filtering some of it themselves. Beyond steroids, the nutrition and exercise nonsense that is driven home is just as bad.

So, I'd be lying if I said steroids were not tempting at this point. I still believe I can make a lot of progress without their help extending my genetic potential, but how far really? I think it's interesting that Christian Thibaudeau has mentioned that he's learning things now that can build muscle faster than using AAS. A statement like that is just so difficult to believe with the extreme hormone manipulation you get from AAS.

Does anyone have any comments/thoughts about the movie, their own experience using a one-time cycle, living from cycle to cycle, or denying the temptation to give up 'lifetime natural' status?


Awesome movie. And I kinda doubt anything comes close to anabolic steroids in terms of growth. Sorry Thibs.


If anyone on the planet has the ability to out-train AAS, I believe it would be Christian Thibaudeau.

BFS* should be required viewing for anyone - coaching athletes of ANY level, legislators, parents of child athletes, personal trainers, doctors, lawyers. It's definitely a non-agenda documentary that shows some of the truths about hormonal regulation.

I have used a cycle or to of PHs in the past; loved the gains, but have had to "give them back" because of a few . . . frustrating injuries. Working back at normal health levels, moving slowly towards full capacity. Will be using AAS sometime after I hit 30. Probably more PH in my future once I get back to a more natural training volume/intensity.


I wouldn't believe it. Did he really say that? come on.

If following the upcoming para-nutrition protocol can give the gains of even MAG-10 I would be rather surprised.


Yeah I watched BFS about two weeks ago and loved it. I thought including his own families experiances with AAS and his parents opinions on it was a fantastic touch. It actually made me really, really think about why I lift and if I'd ever be really tempted to use...

I agree with Vash, it should be required viewing for anyone working it the sports field

I also felt Greg Valentino had some very important things to say about AAS and society in general


I thought one of the best parts (and I hadn't seen it yet) was them showing Bonds saying "when your closet is clean, then come clean someone elses"


Modok, the person who told me about the movie told me about recent developments, and that must have been what he was talking about. Mike was MadDog right? That is a shame, especially since they all knew it was coming. That's terrible for his wife too.


I agree with you on pretty much your whole post.

But I think that statement by Thibs has to be hyperbole. I'm sure it was an exaggerated statement for some sort of specific effect or something, but that's just not possible for someone not coming back from traumatic injury or illness. No way in hell you can gain 8 lbs in one week from nutrition (sure, a lot is water, I know!) .


I have heard this same thing from Poliquin, specifically about EXTREMELY high dose BCAA intake (like 150 grams a day or something ridiculous)

My big question is this- While it may even be true,or assuming it is, gas would probably be CHEAPER and just as effective. I dont know many people who could afford a supplement regimen like that, but do not also doubt it could do some wild things.

This sounds more like something that could be up the alley of a sponsored, drug tested athlete than the regular Joe Bodybuilder. But is it possible? Very possibly possible, perhaps.


It's called nut-hugging bro.. can't believe you're surprised to see it here!!!


Thoroughly enjoyed BFS!!!


All men should be on steroids as they age, except guys with prostate cancer. Testosterone protects the prostate actually and makes quality of life WAAAAAYYYY better as you age.

I'm about to begin a PH cycle in the very near future. There's a good thread on PH in the Steroid section, btw.


"Nut-hugging" my finally crafted and hairless white ass.

Considering the shear volume of Biotest [released and un-released] supplements to which CT has access, coupled with demonstrated training knowledge, it is likely possible to imitate the growth or strength effects of low-dose AAS. Almost certainly it would be cost-prohibitive to anyone not receiving all the Biotest stash for free, though. And the training volume and intensity, without doubt, would NOT be maintained for as long as a standard cycle.


If it were possible to out train AAS, I'm sure it would take a pretty expensive amount of supplements. But hey, if it can bring considerable gains legally(I'm not going to risk steriods because of customs here) then I'm all for it.


Great movie. Saw it 3-4 times. I'd like to own it.


I own it and have watched it at least half a dozen times, lent it out to a lot of guys too. It's a great cross section of modern athletics and a really personable story.

Chris Bell and his crew did a great job, especially considering his family members were driving characters within the documentary. I have the upmost respect for their Dad, the conversation Chris has with him both in his office (regarding Maddog) and in the Pizza Place really taught me a strong lesson about being a man.


I've watched it at least 8 times with all my roommates, one of them went on to write an ethics paper on steroid legalization and actually got an A on it.

If you've only seen the movie, you should find a copy and watch the extras immediately- probably 45 mins worth of deleted scenes including an interview with Jay Cutler and some funny shit with Valentino.


So you think CT is THE ONE PERSON in the world who could out train AAS? not the worlds best drug free bodybuilders?? CT's in amazing shape, but to say he's the most genetically gifted person in the world is ridiculous.


Oh wow, thanks for the suggestion, Abrams.

Brad, I was going to say something earlier about his dad as well. I absolutely loved his calm, down to earth view of all of man submitting to sin at some point in some way. The mother's discussion with Chris towards the end really annoyed me because the mother in her shut her mind off to reason and the points being posed by her son.

There are a few interviews in the movie where it's fairly obvious Chris asks one question to push the discussion further but is met with resistance, so he just lets the interviewee continue with whatever the want to say as he just listens and records. A second example in my mind is the father with the son who committed suicide (the psychiatrist must feel horrible) and refutes the argument that steroid side effects are reversible based on death not being reversible.


Oi. No. I think if it's possible, it would not surprise me if he were to do it with his genetics, training knowledge, and supplement and food access. Take the same set of resources, apply to different person, same thing.