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Bigger Shoulders Without Shoulder Press?


i cant shoulder press right now because i have triceps tendonitus, just wondering if there are any other movements i can do that may equate to some growth. some is better than none. im looking for movements where i dont hold a dumbbell overhead either, the static hold would make my tricep flare up again.

I know nothing can replace overhead pressing for shoulder growth, but since im gonna have to let the pressing go for the time being, are there any other options? just wondering if doing the first part of the dumbbell snatch, or heavy latteral raises would help maintain some muscle until i get fixed (which could still be months yet).

Any suggestions?



Is is just overhead pressing you can’t do or can you still bench press. Seeing as you said it’s triceps tendonitis I’d assume you can’t do either.
In the event that I’m wrong however this may be helpful: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/shoulder_shocker

If heavy pressing at all is excluded than I really wouldn’t know enough to help you. It may in fact be beyond the scope of the beginners forum but no harm in waiting a few days for a reply before broaching the subject over in the BB’ing forum


tendonitis is part of the game. get used to it. i get forearm tendonitis every once in a while, its no biggie. warm up the area with a lot of light tricep press downs to get the blood flowing.