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This is the way Surge and Grow were meant to be…And should be!


I definately support you and your crusade, JA.

Right on brother.

Make the surge a tub as well. Damn thing only provide ten serving per 2 lbs.

Shiiit… To hell with the 5 gallons buckets, I’m all about wheelbarrows and truckloads!! haha… Great idea man! I hope that is what all this fuss is all about.



Biotest do it…Please

I’m all for big ol tubs!!! Or at least be able to fit my hand through the opening to scoop up the powders…

I’m all for it! I’d take 2 of each right now.

And please attatch the scoop to the underside of the lid some how, because I would hate to have to stick my hand all the way down into the middle of that big ass bucket to find it!

big is cool but i would also keep the small containers at the same per unit ounce price because they fit in my kitchen cabinets neatly. laters pk

redmeanie: Instead of sticking your hand into it, use a fork to fish out the scoop. Also keep the scoop from the last bottle until you reach the new one.

Interestingly I found two scoops in a recent bottle of LC Grow!.

Oh! So THAT’S where it went! I just got some LCG without a scoop. Hey Mage! Mail me the extra scoop, bro!

Big tubs is THE way to go, most of us here go through protein like its going out of fashion, Biotest SHOULD make bigger tubs and i will buy for life!!!

Biotest probably has to finish their inventory or contract with the people they get the smaller tubs from. Then if that’s finished they’d have to adjust their machines to run the bigger tubs.

I’m sure they would be open to it but it would be an expense on their end.

However, if they outsource their protein powder with an outside vendor, the switch could be fairly easy.

Once again, by the time you got through two-thirds of a giant tub, the last third would be dried out and not optimal. Especially Surge - which is only used after training and not like an MRP which may be used every day, several times per day.

And prices would not go down for larger tubs. Prices are already rock bottom with the direct sales items.

Honestly, what’s the problem with opening a new tub after 2-3 weeks? What’s the difference between one giant ten pound tub sitting on your kitchen counter or five two-pound tubs?

Again, prices would not change. A ten pound tub of Surge would cost $105, same as five two-pound tubs.

This is kinda silly, but hey, glad to hear you like the stuff that much!

How big are your kitchen cupboards? I wouldn’t want the Grow! containers any bigger or else I’d have no place to store them.

And I agree with Shugs, they wouldn’t be too fresh by the time you get to the bottom of them.

Bigger isn’t always better. :wink: