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Bigger Lower Body, Don't Work Legs?

Hey there, I’ve got a real nagging problem.

My lower body grows way faster and bigger than my upper. I’m a tall ectomorph by nature, but most of my fat is in my lower body. Also I can squat so much more than I can bench or shoulder press. I’ve been squatting the same weight for months and months trying to get my upper body to catch up.

I’ve switched to only working legs everyother week, it’s getting better but my ass is huge!

Anyone have a similar build and any suggestions? My bodyfat can’t be much more than 15% yet my ass just blew up! Maybe thats where all my fat is?


You should squat more than you can shoulder press or bench. You should also deadlift more. Maybe you have a forward lean while you walk and thats why you have a huge can. Maybe its from how you lift.

Post some poundages and stats and it’d be easier to determine.

My lower is much bigger than my upper body from being a goalie in hockey, so I understand where you’re coming from. But unless you’re worried about symmetry for a contest you’re entering, and I doubt you are, then don’t think about cutting back on leg work! You could try focusing exclusively on strength with very low volume, but I wouldn’t cut it too low.

As far as your ass goes, it’s probably just muscle. Yea, you’re going to store fat there, but there are PLENTY of fat guys with no ass (that shit is scary), so I suspect it’s muscle mass.

I’ve got the same thing going on, and odds are, if it’s muscle, it looks fine if not good (as long as you keep your BF% reasonable), so if you’re worried about the look of it, get over it, and start upping those squats.

What are the lifts numbers anyway? I mean if you’re squatting 400 atg and benching 150 then maybe something is bit off, but I suspect they aren’t that bad.

How about some pics and actual #'s?

I think it’s due to your biomechanics. You said you are a tall ectomorph, and if you combine that with squats, that usually creates a big ass.