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Bigger Lats = More Sweat?


I've recently added a significant amount of muscle to my back/lats. I started noticing more underarm sweat than I am used. I've never really sweat much so I definitely noticed a change. Anyone ever noticed anything similar?


Hmm, I've added some back/lat size too and if anything, sweating has gone down. Weird.


I haven't made any correlations between lat size and quantity of sweat. lol.


do pants not fit you in the legs too?


Your lat makes up the back side of your armpit so I thought there might be some logic there.


No, but I've never really sweated much.

I get chafe sometimes in that area. From swimming.


I can see how your inner, upper arm can rub more against ur sides with larger lats, but like i said, i have found no correlation.


I can't believe this is even a question -lol.

I was once on a bicycle riding down a hill in central park. Somehow the brakes went out, and I thought I was going to careen to my death..... then an idea occured to me.... I quickly hit a front lat spread and soon slowed down enough to stop the bike with my feet..... Didn't notice any extra sweat... (soiled my pants though)



Stop bragging, Stu.


That's because all the wind dried off any extra sweat.





All i got was more stretch marks


I now have a pic of Stu in my head coming down the hill by the pool on 105th street. Someone just asked me what I was laughing about.


To be honest I have noticed this. My lats and biceps form basically an incubated shelter for my armpit lol. Even on the coldest days here the rest of my body can be freezing and my armpits will be continually sweating.


Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week! -lol



It's called getting bigger.

I sweat like whore in church walking to class when it starts getting warmer around here.


ya bro ur just to swole



One of the most fun things to do is completely drench a tight Under Armor shirt full of sweat, then ring it out over the sink of a public restroom. Especially when other people are watching.


I've found I sweat more at my current bodyweight (about 230) than I did at my starting weight (~160).

Can't say I've ever thought to blame it on my lats, though.