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Bigger, Harder, Leaner

Get Big.

Get Hard.

Get Lean.

'Tis the season…

Coming soon: Buy 2 Get 2 Free… only at the Superstore. Free supplements, free T-shirts, free water bottles, free overnight shipping.

Three words:




for a second there i thought biotest was getting into the penile enlargement business.

reading the first couple lines i thought biotest came out with a penis enlargement supplement.

but sweet! i should get some stuff. awesome.

Will ye be featuring 4-AD-EC this holiday season??

you sonofabitch! you beat me to it!

I third thinking that I thought a penis enlargement device was coming out until I saw the whole message…

But then I saw the




and now think something bad will happen to my penis :frowning:

Yeah, but who wants a leaner penis?

Oh well, time to stock up on hot rox! Thanx Biotest!

I just received my last buy 2 get 1 free order. Ahhh the timing!

Will the reformulated Methoxy be available?

And the good news just keeps coming in.

When will the offer start??? I just ran out of GROW!

Davo - You beat me to it! And it’s not just a question of who would want a leaner penis but who would need to? If you have fat stores around your penis, you’ve got some serious problems. I’m not sure that it’s physiological possible to even store fat around the penis.

I just received my low carb grow and surge yesterday on my buy two get one free deal. Damn the timing!!!

Cool, just in time to do some Christmas shopping…

Hey T-mag Adm. If I ordered some products is there anyway possible for you to send my order seperatly, lets say 2 items per day, instead of all at once. Customs here is kind of a pain in the ass.

Great, this should help with all of the new year resolutions. When does it start can’t wait to order.

T-Quinn, please contact Biotest directly and maybe they can help you out in your situation.

Phone: 800-525-1940

Email: service@biotestedge.com

Sale should be starting very soon, probably today (Wednesday).

Definitely could make my Christmas a little merrier!

Oh, and I think that the T-Gang deliberately made us think they were talking about our heat-seeking missiles just to get our attention!


Sorry, it looks like Tim did not start the sale on Wednesday as I said above. I’m sure it will begin on or before Friday’s update though. If not, let’s blame T-Mod. Boooo, T-Mod! Boooo!

My check card is about to jump out of my wallet!!!