Bigger Faster Stronger

Ive been training for about 6 mos now and i was looking for a more athletic program I was training more like a body builder and now I actually feel like I was overtraining and looking for something new another member suggested DeFranco’s WS4SB(Westside for Skinny Bastards, Part III - Official Website of Joe DeFranco & DeFranco’s Gym!) templates (thanks Nyral) and I like the idea behind it so here it goes i guess

I eat between 225-250 grams of protein a day fairly clean i try to keeps carbs somewhat low I dont take any supplements other than Vitamins and Whey I have before and I didnt feel that they made enough of a difference that they were worth the cost

207 lbs
21 yrs old

current bests
BP 265x3 ive never really maxed out
Squat 275x5 ive done more but my form was horrible these should move up fast
Deadlift 350x1 no straps no belt

to be bigger faster and stronger
id like to be able to dunk i can grab rim now
weight 225
BP 325
Squat 350
Deadlift 425

I’m going to start to post progress pictures soon cuz id like to see my transformation as happens

Well this was my first day… I really like the workout so far I know its only been a day but it felt effective especially the ab circuits at the end ive done alot of core workouts but damn that shit burnt but i guess we’ll c how i progress

Friday 10/16 Max Effort Lower Body-
Light Warmup- 15 mins elliptical, streatching
Squat 135X5 185x5 225x5 275x3
High Box Step-ups 12, 20 lb DBx6,6 probably gonna use the medium box next time with more weight
Reverse Hypers 20 lb DBx8, 25x8, 30x8 wish we had a glute-ham raise i loved those in football
Ab circuit(decline situps, reverse crunches, v-ups, toe touches)
1.20 2.15 1.10 2.7 1.12 2.6 1.15 2.12

all in all it felt good it was kinda fast compared to my old leg workout probably couldve went highr on squats but no spotter so im kinda scared and i would like to add in some calves somewhere but im gonna follow it as written for awhile before trying to tweak it if i do at all

And a quick question for anyone whose famaliar with this program am i supposed to change the supplemental work and keep the main excercise the same or switch it all up or keep it all the same it wasnt to clear about that in the artical

well no lifting this weekend ill probably play some basketball hang out with the fam and get some rest but i c yall soon

Well Im back from the weekend today was my first max effort upper body day i feel a lil weak today probably due to the amount of amberbach this weekend (dont drink that shit) but all in all i felt alright bench and curls were def. weak today tho

Monday 10/19-

Bench 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x5 225x3 245x2 ill probably knock out the 155 set next week n hit harder at the top
Incline DB 50x20 50x15
T-Bars 90x10 90x10 90x9
Superset w/ facepulls 62.5x10,10,8
Shrugs 225x7 205x8 205x9
Curls 95x7 85x8 85x6

these workouts move by quick i feel good afterwards but im used to doing alot more volume on single bodyparts

i just got back from vacation to new york had trouble finding a gym i did workout twice while there i need to find my logs to record it here i skipped 2day tho its been a long week back at it tommorrow