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Bigger Faster Stronger (Me Not the Movie)


Got inspired recently and got back to lifting heavey. Got my ass handed to me by a cross fit workout last week and got even more inspired.
This is where I will keep a log of how I am doing in random lifts/exercises:

Bench press 335lbs 1 rep
Squat 495lbs 2 reps
Deadlift 435lbs 2 reps standard 455lbs 1 rep sumo
Handstand walks 5 feet was the best I could do today.. first time trying
L-sit for time: 25 seconds
Muscle ups max reps: 5 in a row so far

More lifts to come..


Worked up to squating 495lbs for 3 sets of 2 reps and climbed a rope to our 20 foot ceiling in between last 5 sets.

Diffrent kind of bench workout today..

3 reps just bar - ran 50 meters X 2
3 reps 95lbs - ran 75 meters
3 reps 135lbs - ran 75 meters
2 reps 185lbs - ran 100 meters
2 reps 225lbs - ran 120 meters
1 rep 275lbs - ran 140 meters
2 reps 305lbs - ran 170 meters
1 rep 315lbs - ran 200 meters X 3 sets
5 reps 245lbs - ran 200 meters X 2 sets

3 sets of light incline dumbell flys



Deadlift and Muscle up day

5 reps deadlift 2-3 muscle ups 8 sets

worked up to 415lbs on dead lift 3 rep standard and 2 sumo..

Muscle ups were way harder than deadlift but, for having never done them till last week I am ok with that.


Havent had time to post in a bit but I will put up last tuesday training sessions and then get back to hard work tomorrow when most of my jet lag will hopefully be gone.

Tuesday the 9th August:
Roam roll
warm up and light sets
1st working set squat 225lbs X 25reps rested 4min
2nd set 315lbs X 20reps rested 4-5min
3rd 405lbs X 8 reps then 2 min rest then 2 reps rested 5min
4th 225lbs X 20reps rest 2 min finish last 5 reps

7pm endurance work
4 rounds for fastest time.
Run 250 meters
5 pull ups with a 45lb plate from belt
25 dips

Finished in 12min 9seconds


Tuesday was lite.. had to try to squat off some jet lag. so only worked up to 405lb for a couple sets of 4 reps.

2 hours later did high rep hang cleans
95lbs 22 reps
105lbs 20 reps
115lbs 20 reps
135lbs 12 reps, 15 reps, 12reps
did couple sets from the floor
155lbs for 10 reps, 10 reps

Then some lateral raises up to 35lbs and push presses at 135lbs

Wednesday the 17th I Benched for some reps

135lbs 15 reps
185lbs 12 reps
190lbs 24 reps (body weight challenge)
16 reps
13 reps
135lbs 15 reps

Then did some tricep extentions...


Thursday the 18th

Warm up.. Then
135lbs 8 reps standard and 8 reps sumo
185lbs 8 reps each
225lbs 8 reps each
255lbs 5 reps standard 4 reps sumo
315lbs 5 reps standard 4 reps sumo
365lbs 4 reps standard 2 sumo
405lbs 3 reps standard 3 sumo
405lbs 4 reps standard 2 sumo
455lbs fail at standard 2 rep sumo
455lbs 1 rep sumo

cool down drink shake then 2 hours later
225lbs standard 8 reps
315lbs standard 8 reps
365lbs standard 8 reps

Power cleaned with straps for the first time ever..
135lbs 5 reps x 2
185lbs 5 reps x 2

jogged 800 meters.. not a bad day.



jog 5 min and power skips to warm up..

sprint 50-75 meters then walk 1-2min

repeated till I about died for 25min then walked 10min and then went in and tried not to pass out. for a while still need to push my cardio more..



Pulldowns 8-12reps worked up to 220lbs bar had to touch chest. Super set with 20lb med ball slam 5 reps.
Cable cross over hard as possible with control for 8 reps worked up to 110lbs each side. Super set with jumping onto flat bench holding 20lb med ball fast as I could for 10 reps each set.

Muscle ups 2-4 reps everytime I cant get another one I did 45-60secs jump rope as hard and fast as I could. this lasted for 8 rounds.
Cable cross overs moderate tempo with sqeeze at end of motion 12reps 5sets.
Rear delt raises to stretch pecs at the end of workout.


Tuesday August 23

Squat worked up to 405 sets of 5reps

Blasted leg extensions up to 145lbs per leg for sets of 6-8 reps

dumbell stiff leg nice and lite at 40lbs per hand sets of 5-6 reps explosive on the way up

did some obliques on the hyper extension

then 30min on the elipticle at incline of 8-10 and resistance of 4-8..


Wednesday August 24th..

The worst workout ever:

Deadlift 135lbs 15 reps
Push ups 15 reps

10 rounds for time. Looks easy, it was horrible.

Did it in 16min 32seconds

Will do it again in weeks and try to beat my time by a couple min.


Missed a few days of logs...

Ran hard saturday morning..

Sunday mowed lawn with my old school blades that spin between the 2 wheels mower..

Monday was unmotivated but did some light squats, muscle ups, jumped rope and a bunch of abbs..

Tuesday the 30th
Warmed up with bands

Squated 315 for 5 sets of 3 reps as fast as I could each time.. If I didnt like the form on a rep I did it again.
Pull downs sets of 5 making sure to pull down as hard as possible with out much swing and tried to hold bar at chest with lats sqeezed tight for atleast a second or 2. Worked up to 210lbs for a couple sets.
Seated over head press(first time using a machine in a while) 220lbs for 5 sets of 5-8 reps pressing as hard and as fast as I thought the machine could handle.

Good work out.


squated yesterday for without knee wraps for the first time forever and I could tell.

I will go back to squating 5 days a week for a while and still keep up with my runs.

I will also alternate pushing and pulling every other workout. But, I think I will do 2 days of upper body then just do a day of squats and abbs..


last night got a great workout.. my glutes are destroyed and im loving it..

full snatch then lower the bar to the upper back and do 2 walking lunges, then thrust bar over head and put it back on the floor. this would be one rep.

Repeated this for 5 sets of 6-8 reps

next was easier. full snatch then walk across the 20foot room i was in and put the bar on the floor long enough to breath and repeat. did that 5-8 minutes without much of a break.

the super light shoulder lateral raises followed by one arm over head presses.