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Bigger faster stronger...Huskers program

I have read many of the literature out there on strength, on split training as well as periodization. These are the two I have narrowed it down to. Is anyone familiar with either of these programs that could give me any help. I always lift usually 5x week. Yet i think i may start incorparitng rack cleans and full power cleans in my workout, I have been doing deadlifts for years now and while may not be much to others at a bw of 14-15 i am pulling 300 plus for 5-10 reps depending on the week. I am all about the strength thin and am a pre-med major. I understand for the most part eccentric and cocentric and shortening and lengthining of the muscles, yet i need help on whick program or another that would be benificail for me that has more knowledge and experience then I. Any help would be appreaciated.

Your post is not only incoherent, it’s insulting. Try again, this time with a dictionary beside you so that you can look up the words you don’t know how to spell, and try proof-reading your post so that those of us who (thankfully) don’t live inside your head and aren’t telepathic might have some faint hope of figuring out what the hell it is that you’re trying to say.

(This person is going to be a doctor? Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

I used BFS for my first four years in powerlifting at my high school I got excellant results from it and wish i could get a hold of the pc program again, I miss those workouts…Given I was completley new when I started but my lifts went from 145 squat to 380 in that period, my dead went from 180 to 375 in the four years, and my bench went from 105 to 200 in that four years, I loved those programs hope, this helps your decision, btw let me no if theres any way I can get ahold of the BFS program or where I can still get it cause id gladly buy it for myself. PM me with any info please.


If you look at what the Huskers did on the field last year I am not sure you want to follow their program. We used it in HS and I never had much for gains. There are many way better programs on the T-mag site, so why bother. That or create your based upon what works for you. Experiment, learn, analyze, repeat. That in my opinion is the best program to be on.

You can get the BFS program at biggerfasterstronger.com.

I was featured in BFS my senior year. Just had to toot my own horn. :wink:

However, among many HS strength coaches, I’ve heard the acronym stand from something else, if ya’ know what I mean.


Hey I was very very pleased with it, steady gains all the time , more than I can say for the present, since I have stopped my weights havent gone very much oveer what they were in my senoir year.


BTW thanks annihialtor.


When I first started at the current HS I am at, we bought into the BFS system (BTW I still have the text that comes with it along with a log book) As far as being easy to incorporate for large groups, it is that. However, you need to really be in there teaching and coaching every kid and make sure that they keep accurate records. This proved to be quite an undertaking because being HS students, they were a little lax on the records. The few that did made excellent gains. As for the Husker Program, I also have a copy of that program (The football version) It contains a lot of info. It seems to be more based on the NSCA’s model of Western Periodization (go figure that NU’s strength coach is one of their founders). Read up on Louie Simmons’ method on how the Westside system works. Greg Shepard of BFS was one of the members of the original Westside in CA., so a lot of his ideas on constantly breaking records in each workout is sound. If you really want to put together a program, look through the T-mag archives and read up on Westside, Davies, Thibideaux, or any of the outstanding S&C coaches we have on board here.

I dont have any experience with BFS, allthough i know the program well.

Husker Power used this program senior year of HS. Decent gains, not the best, I think this program would be good if you have a very efficient nervous system. ex clean pushpress day 1, squat bench day 2. The periodization in husker power is relatively simple. I saw the best results in my cleans, and my squat. Almost nothing in my bench though.