Bigger Deltoids

So, I don’t like to toot my 0wn horn, but I am pretty strong guy, but somehow my deltoids have not developed, making it look like I have “incomplete shoulders.” Anyone have some advice to target these babies and perk them up a bit?


Drop the trap work first and foremost until balance is achieved. I was literally All Traps. Just couldn’t build my medial shoulder for the life of me. Front was okay, rears were okay. Side had no size no matter how much I did side-laterals.

Regular side laterals incorporate the upper traps quite a bit. It took about 3 months to work it out and later I read this (which would work very well)

And every shoulder workout add in 3 sets of “lean away side laterals” which Thib has a picture of to explain later in the thread.
Just don’t raise higher than parallel to ground or you incorporate that trap again.