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Bigger Dead or Squat?


Among powerlifters and guys who train for strength, which is more common a bigger squat or bigger deadlift?

also your insight on which lift is more desirable or producing more benefit a bigger squat or bigger deadlift? and why?

me personally, my deadlift is now around 80lbs more than my squat. Gotta change that, 'cause the squat is King.


Generally speaking, the deadlift is going to be higher than the squat.

Of course this all changes when you get into multi-ply powerlifting.


Bigger deadlift is generally more common. My squat is bigger. Deadlifting is my nemesis.


Everyone SHOULD always have a higher deadlift than their squat if they are raw.


First off, deadlifting puts hair on your chest.

If you are talking advanced geared lifting, squat is generally the higher of the 2, without gear people generally move more on the DL. Build plays into it though.

I personally pull over 100 lbs more than I can squat.

I don't know what you are asking exactly about benefit, but I think the DL is much more of a full body exercise.


The deadlift hasn't much benefit other than developing and strengthening the upper and lower back, the grip and forearms, the lats, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Oh, and abs.

Yup. It's a shit lift.


Do it from a platform of sufficient height and it'll do what a squat does for you, only worse.


Once again...this question is pointless. When i first started, my pull was bigger...now my squat is bigger. This is different for all lifters and for all kinds of different reasons.


I reckon in the lower weight classes you'll always find that the deadlift's higher.

But as you hit say 242+ the squat starts to catch up because your leverages just get so much better. I know that's true for me.


OK seems like we got a consensus: for raw lifters the deadlift is typically greater.

As far as the side discussion as which lift is king? here's few points why I say the squat is king:
1. on max squat lifts you gotta have spotters, on safety pins. whereas you never need a spotter for the deadlift. To me that says something.

  1. the deadlift is one movement: you pull the bar upright, that's it. Whereas the squat is two movements: you lower the weight to parralel and then the 2nd movement you must stand up with the weight.

Agreed both are super lifts, that no one can do without who wants strength and muscle mass, but only 1 is King.



I would like to see more data, but it makes sense anyway.

Why does there have to be 1 king?


I have to say the deadlight is King. For 1. You do not need a spotter agreed, but even if you had a spotter they couldn't help you in any way, shape, or form. YOU have to pull the weight off the ground no one can help. There is no special equipment or suit you can wear to help unlike the squat. 2. Look at the numbers. There are plenty of 1000+ pound squatters, but not many 1000+ dead lifters.


I love squats dont get me wrong, but they piss me off. Think about it this way, a deadlift IS a deadlift. Anyone who knows them knows how they are done and there is no way around it. Now with the squats, you got the CORRECT squats below parallel, then parallel, then 1/4 squat, then the feet pushing against the outside of the power rack and the 4 inch knee lowering exercise.

With the deadlift, every variation is hard as SHIT. Even shortened ROM rack pulls piss a person off to no extent. So the deadlift is king because there is no way to "cheat" on the lift by shortening range of motion for more weight and making it easier. Its also explains why i see more people squat no nobody DL in my gym


<-- Squats more than Deadlifts.

Started Max Strength 7 weeks ago.

When i started I squated 445 and Dlifted 365 the week before (all raw).

Deadlift has sucked for me. Form is hardest for me. Squating is easy.


When get a pb deadlift you feel like a king.

When you get a pb squat you feel like you've just avoided death!

Horses for courses!

From what I have seen and experinced 'most people' can get a decent (obviously a subjective matter) deadlift before they get a decent squat.


my paralell squat is much higher than my deadlift...

I have no forearm grip strength...

but for you:

if your squat is lower I think you should:

1.) maybe figure out your technique better


2.)concentrate more on knee joint muscles in training because your deadlift being higher might have to do with back and hip joints being already stronger


Then perhaps you should focus on improving your grip strength instead of giving others advice. Having a squat that is bigger than your deadlift is not what the average raw lifter should be worried about.


I agree with #1, I think I been falling forward when coming out of the hole so my hips rise up before my back. So I'm working on fixing that with SS bar work.

disagree with #2 above, not sure what you mean? besides knees are minor players in a proper squat, it comes from the hips and lower back.


That's true up to a point. If you squat 500 raw, I bet you pull 550 or 600. But if you squat 700 raw, you might still only pull 650 raw. Some men are simply not suited to heavy pulls- no matter how strong they get. Short arms and small hands do not grow with training.


For the vast majority of people going raw, the deadlift will be higher than the squat. There are a few people, usually heavy lifters like Hanley mentioned, that can squat about what they pull or maybe just a bit more. This also only seems to apply to advanced lifters (both lifts over 600 lbs). For those people saying they can squat 400+ and can't pull 400+, my response is I seriously doubt you are squatting low enough. Again this is talking about raw, gear obviously changes the equation.

A search on the rankings of powerliftingwatch.com will show you how clear the relationship is.


My raw dl is a little over 100 lbs more than my (lower than parallel) squat... I've been wondering if my squat is lagging...