bigger chest and shoulders?

hey i have a question for the vets on here or anyone realy that could help. i’m trying to do a few things, first get my chest bigger, shoulders, and also get my bench to go up…now here’s my problem. i don’t have weights except for a 30lb dumbbell. i just do body weight excercises as of right now…so far i’m doing hand stand pushups, sliding pushups, inverted pushups changing from wide, close, and diamond, plylo pushups…am i missing any others that would help me to reach my goal? if you can help i would realy appreciate it. thank you

Handstand pushups will do a lot for your shoulder hypertrophy and overhead pressing strength. I speak from experience. I went from 5 to 20+ reps and my Military skyrocketed.

If your Lats, Delts, Triceps, Subscapularis, Forearms, and lower back to a certain degree, are weak, your chest will only grow so much.

Besides, when your chest reaches its limit (due to the severe imbalance in comparison to stabilizer muscles), you will look like such a goof, you’ll be more of a joke than a weightlifter.

Sounds like you suffer from TWAT (Train what you can see in the mirror - hey dont ask how that makes TWAT, I dont know either, besides TWAT’s cool)

Do this test: Grab a plate of 20% your body weight (If you’re 200 lbs, a 45 lb plate is fine). Hold it with your arms extended (with a slight 15 degree bend in the elbows) as long as you can. Can you hold it at least 40 seconds? If not your stabilizers are too weak to support a strong chest.

Anyhow there is A LOT to building a huge chest. Direct chest work is really only the tip of the iceberg if it’s all you’re doing.

thanks for all the help, as you can probubly tell i’m a newbie to the game but i’m learning…well my lats seem like they are strong, i know they realy stick out but i don’t even know when and how i could of got them built. are there any body weight excercise that help with lats? my main thing that i have been doing is everything that i mentioned plus curls, going to add pull ups once i find a good place to do them, hindu pushups and then of cource work my legs and abs…its just a lot harder when i don’t have actual weights to work with…the only weight i have is a 30lb dumbbell to curl with…but i appriciate what you have said and anyone else want to add something feel free…hey diesel i’ll have to try that at one of my friends if i can find a time where i can go over there and he would be home. thanks again