Bigger Calves in 5 Months

So I would like to bulk up my calves in the next 5 months. Just in time for lacrosse season. I do not do any direct calf work in my workouts. All I do are deads and squats for my legs. Would just simple calf raises added to my workout do the job? I also know I will not develope huge calves in the next five months. Just want to see a sizeable difference.

Use the search feature and look for an article named “the small calf solution”

Yes. Just adding calf raises, and making sure to progress (adding weight, reps, or sets) will increase your calf size.

And what the hell is your avatar? I have some ideas, but I’m hoping I"m wrong.

My torn ACL, ah yes, I guess it could be that too.

along with the calf raises, do some explosive moves for the calves…sprints, weighted jumps…
another thing to try is pay attention when you go up and down stairs,…only use the front half of your foot…

or just do like i did…get overweight and live in a two story house

[quote]ignignokt wrote:
Use the search feature and look for an article named “Building Fat Guy Calves”[/quote]

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As lacrosse season gets even closer, you’d definitely benefit from including some unilateral work (lunges, step-ups, etc.) Siffie lunges would play a nice part somewhere along the way, not right now, but in a few months. They’re not a “beginner” exercise.

To get a muscle bigger, any direct attention will help. In the “fat guy calves” program, I specifically target the tibealis anterior as well, which helps to prevent shin splints (common with lots of running, you may have dealt with them during lacrosse.)

As long as you’re not going overboard with excess cardio and burning the calves out all day, everyday, you might be surprised at the growth. Remember, you’re going from zero calf training to some calf training. Did your biceps grow once you began curling? Did your shoulders grow once you began pressing?

Thanks everyone. And thanks again Chris, always solid advice.

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