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Bigger bones

Hey all

Ok I’m sure the answers to this post will be that I’m dreaming… but I gotta ask. I’m 6’ but I really need a bigger bone structure (thicker bones). Is there any way?


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Actually, I remember hearing a few years ago that lifting weights can actually increase the density of your bones. I don’t remember where I heard that, or if it’s true, but…
I do think your basic bone structure is determined by genetics, but if what I heard is true, there is a possibility of increasing density. Anyone else hear anything about this?

Denser bones has nothing to do with bigger, or thicker bones. They will just be heavier(more mass).

If i understand your question, you want larger bones, i don’t think this is possible.

I too have heard that increasing bone density is possible,but that is it.I guess it is to help support the added weight you add or something. I don’t know if they really get thicker. Your bones are part of your genetic gifts, or lack there of.

if you want to look bigger then just add more mass! its so freakin easy! not hehe… struggle well.

By lifting heavy weights and doing impact activity like plyometrics, you can increase your bone density somewhat. At you age, you will be able to increase density more than older people. But that is it. You won’t have noticeable bigger bones. It is just not possible. I agree that if you want to look bigger, your going to have to pack on the muscle mass.

Why are you so interested in increasing your bone structure?

Heh… I thought as much! Why do I want thicker bones? So I can lift more weight!

Drink milk! It does a body good.

When it comes down to lifting weights, your muscles will almost always fail before your bones do. I only say almost because I’m sure somebody has broken a bone lifting before. Bones are extremely strong and it takes a serious impact to break them. You need more muscle, not more bone.

If you want bigger and thicker bones, look in the classifides at the back of MuscleMag. They always have penis enlargement advertising

Is it? www.mercola.com/article/milk/no_milk.htm

So why do guys that have bigger bone structures always seem to be the strongest?

Bigger bones? Not likely to happen, assuming you are not a youngster and the growth plates at the end of your bones are closed. I myself would have chosen to be taller, with broader clavicles, longer arms and legs, and perhaps an extra inch or two in my pants, but it aint gonna happen (and no, I do NOT want surgery for the last one!!). The only thing is growth hormone injections. I have met some people that insist they had new growth in certain areas from that, especially in the extremities, such as hands and feet, and even clavicles, but I do not think that is a wise chance to take, and besides, these guys were using high dosages upto 16iu per training day. I think you would be better off focusing your energy no balanced muscle mass growth. In fact, having small joints can accentuate the muscle bellies, and create a more aesthetic appearance. Look at Flex Wheeler! Don’t forget to focus on other pursuits too though, whether for academic reasons or simply for your own development. Ultimately, learning how to have healthy and effective relationships with people will be one thing of paramount importance, especially the relationship you have with yourself!

You could sonicate the bones to cause surface trauma. This will increase the density of the bones over time. You should be really careful, however so that you don’t form blood clots in between your bones and skin - this could lead to future trouble. As well, you’d have to be very careful which bones you choose. I can’t imagine doing that to anything but the forearms and shins - the clavicles might work, but I’d be too worried about blood clots. This will seriously impact your recovery, and using a lifting protocol of high-intensity mixed with aggressive recovery would be a waste of time. Don’t expect the extra thickness to be as strong as your original bones for a long time

I’m a bastard. I was just talking out of my ass on the above post. Sorry. But in martial arts we beat our shins with bamboo to toughen them. My shins are all rough now.

Depends on your age. Once the growth plate is closed on the bone shaft, dats all folks! Have faith, I grew a foot in 3 years.

I was hoping someone could clarify something for me. I’ve read(in the NSCA text book) that bone is tissue, just like anything else in the body. Resistance training can actually cause hypertrophy of the bone matrix. I didn’t delve to deeply into the subject, but if memory serves me correctly, it has to do with osteoblasts applying collagen to the surface of the bone, and this collagen eventually calcifies and becomes real bone. Can this not occur? This was a seperate issue from bone mineral density increasing.

Dude, you crack me up!

Most of you will probably either ignore or reject what I say, per usual. But for what it’s worth, if you add, say, 100 pounds of muscle to a 150 pound frame, over time your bones will grow to accomodate the extra load. After this happens, if one was to lose that 100 pounds of muscle, the bone structure of said individual would be larger than before the added weight. The same is not true of adding 100 pounds of fat. That might make your legs stronger/bigger, but would not cause overall skeletal growth.

Actually, you bones, being living organs in the human body, to change density on a continual basis to accomadate your loading patterns. In fact, your bones completely regenerate every two three months. And, I think someone was talking about growing, as in taller, it is possible to stretch your bones about a mm a day. But that involves cracking the bone and maintaining tight control on the distance, a very expensive process.