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Bigger Blacker Stronger!


This will be my first log.....ever and because my man blaze i finally have the motivation to begin one. I will be posting a link to my diet along with weights stats etc and taking pictures along the way. I am 20 years old and have done some powerlifting along with strong man. Right now my main concern is to build an overall better physique ( strength being my main priority) right now i am hitting a wendler based schedule but i have added my own flare to it.

I would love any criticism you can give me about diet and training i am only here to lear. I will begin posting my workout on Monday and hopefully diet via fit day today. I would also like to drop some fat and at least get the upper abdominals visible.


here is my fitday link http://fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=tylervan2009



Here are two pics of me from about three years ago



Swole. haha. I finally get to see your before pictures.


HAHAHA u like those bro wait till mat gets a view of those


HAHAHA u like those bro wait till mat gets a view of those


My supplements include:
fish oil


well today was pretty shitty my diet wasnt so hot honestly and i was run down with a ton of hw FUUUUUUUUU itll be a long night but hey i got something to look forward to tom... SQUATS BABY!!!


damnit i should've titled my log this....


hahaha i put it just for fun....obviously i am not black


eating my amazing salad right now washing down with some OJ then maybe ayogurt consume some whey and suat time boyz


leg day was alright it was wave b of the routine and i was hoping for a few more reps on my last set but here ya go

ATG squats
340 x 3
365 x 3
385 x 5

Leg press
400 x 10
600 x 10
690 x 10
780 x 8

leg ext
250 x 10
290 x 6
270 x 10
rep out on drop sets

calf and ab work


Those squats were still beast mode. lol.


bigger and blacker than who?


no one honestly the title just makes me laugh so i kept it


just took my first measurements since the first pictures i posted...wow lol loaded up to fitday


thank you good sir


Friday well get some pics while lifting to upload