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BIGGER Big Mac!!



Not sure if this will happen in USA as well, but the Mac is about to get bigger!!


Why is this news?

You don't have to eat it. We live in the most permissive society in the world, yet large burgers are causing outrage. I think the media and health "experts" have a slightly skewed view on what is worth worrying about.


Bulking just got easier.


Probably just selling the American sized one over there now.




I did always hate having to order a number 1 with two bic mac's on the side. Damn those little bastards taste good though.



You can already order a Double Big Mac, which is a Big Mac with four patties. If you're a real fatty, you can order it with bacon and extra cheese.

I ordered the Double Big Mac once when I was in high school and still worked there. It was disgusting to say the least -- the meat overpowers the taste of the Big Mac.


Ahhhh, it never tasted so good to get 2000 calories in 15 minutes!


Exactly. Why all the fuss, no one forces people to eat these BigMacs. But hey, if you miss a meal and are bulking and need those extra calories McDonald's has your back.


Bring it the fuck on!


I agree with the previous statement. However I prefer Arby's for bulking.

The Big MacDaddy Big Mac does seem like a good idea though...for my belly!


I think I got a little stronger just reading that.


This just in, Prof X gives his stamp of approval on the new Bigger Big Mac.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! He has his special helmet on!


Whoa, whoa, whoa! The Double Big Mac and you could get it with bacon and extra cheese??? I think our Canadian brethren were treated with something we never got a chance to sample here in the States. I feel so cheated!


The scary thing about that photo is how big the guy's hands are to wrap around a burger of that size...


Im not complaining about it or saying how unhealthy it is, I cant wait to get a few down me!!


...and obese people are going to be 40% more obese


It's already here in the states, exclusively at WallMart McDonals Locations....the TRIPLE Cheeseburger.


Sorry, I was directly my comment at the article, rather than you. I enjoyed two regular big macs today and I will be checking myself into the hospital anytime soon...