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Bigger Biceps


Well first I would like to say this website is very helpfull and I love the info but I many other people I fell in the trap where biceps could get big doing chinups and such. I used to do biceps but after a while I dicovered this site and for a year no bicep training. Every now and then I would do 3 sets per week. I biceps size have not increased since not working out biceps but now I know. I usally do 10 sets of biceps. I usally feel that I recover real quick and not sore at all even the next days after training. Should I increase volume? I would think so since beginners get more results from more volume and my biceps are Newbie. I would like to hear some opinions.


Too vague.
BF %?
Time training?
Max lifts?
Max number of pull-ups?
What's your training look like?
What's your diet look like?
What supplements are you taking?

Also, 10 sets all in one day or throughout the week or what?


Well I think that it would be good to know your :

Current training

You do know, IN ADDITION to, the big three compound lifts, if you want bigger biceps, you have to train them directly. Isolation work.


Really?....Is all that info necessary to give advice to someone trying to get bigger biceps?

Training questions seem logical but does a guy who weighs 200lbs have to do something different to get bigger arms than a guy weighing 150lbs?

Also OP you joined about 3 months ago and you're already a level 4?... Do you ever eat solid food, or is that an account used by all your buddies to buy supps? (irrelevant, but just curious)


How much weight have you gained in the past 3 months?

Do you get a good pump during your bicep workout?

10 sets is a fine amount of work. But IF you have good mind muscle connection doing 2 sessions with slightly lower volume per may work out better. If you dont have a good mind muscle connection in your biceps than it doesnt matter how much volume you do. Work on the MM connection by flexing your biceps as hard as possible and holding it for a count.

Do that throughout the day with your arms in different positions. Keep doing it until you get a bit of a pump just from flexing. Then contract the muscle the same way when doing dumbell curls or barbell curls.

Forget machine curls. Pick up some free weights. And ditch the chins in your bicep routine. If you want to do them last in your back workout before you do biceps as sort of a warm up, that's fine.

If nothing changes than do biceps after chest or delts and do triceps after back. And do a separate arms day if necessary.


Angusbeef, here are the reasons why I asked these questions.


my bet = lots of ANACONDA


BF: I do not know
Time training: 2 years and 3 years total was 115 before now 180 with the about same bodyfat
weight: 180
I do a bodybuiling workout but before did powerlifting and gained weight but biceps stayed about the same.
I deadlift 515(last attempted during 2 a day football workouts
5 foot 7 I was 115 and was the same height. I wish I had a cam its a HUGE improvement in size.
10 sets of biceps in total
I squat 355ish just started doing reguar squats but box squat 365
I eat 4000 calories a day.
My biceps are getting stronger now that I started to do more volume and acually hitting it and isolateing it. Im a 40 pound incline db curls when I used to be at 25 in the begging athough that is what I used to do when I first started to train.

I take ANACONDA Protocol which helps.


I know for a while I was stuck with all the bullshit out there.



Well reason I do the precher machine curls is because I feel it more than the normal prechear curl which hurts my elbows. I do not have a huge pump expecially compared to my chest. In the past 3 years I have gained about 60 pounds with a wee bit more bodyfat. I can tell you from experience that my calves grew doing it frequenly so maybe my bis could too.

So if I get the mind body connection would I feel more sore the next day?(I know thatDOMS does not equal the quality of the workout but its just that I recover so fast that I feel I am undertraining my biceps)


Your right and yes I eat solid food. I take ANACONDA Protocol with FA3, ZMA,fishoil and I overdose all this stuff. I have been following this site for a long time just deleted other accounts or forgot password.


THe mind muscle connection is THE single most important part of isolation movements. If you cant feel your biceps really working and getting full of blood than it was a waste. At some point you will be able to feel the deep fibers in your arms contract. Thats the goal, to recruit as many fibers as possible. Lift explosively to accomplish this. Overload the muscles when you stagnate by loosening up the form. When you get accustomed to that weight drop it back down (to a highger weight than you were previously using though) and rep that weight with tighter form.


Only matters if you're doing them with an underhand grip or you're simply using your arm flexors too much on regular pullups rather than your back musculature... Shitty technique and hello tendinitis

Does not matter. You can have comparatively tiny arms and deadlift over 600.

Alt. Curls 80-100's x 5 or more per arm, Pinwheels (or Hammers, 10-20 lb less per hand then) 100-125x5 or more per arm, get strong at shrugs, EZ curls (bar curls aren't necessary if they bother your wrists, forearms or 'cuffs) 165-185x5+, One-Arm DB Prachers 70-90lb for 8...

... Those will give you some large biceps, and it is possible to get such numbers weighing only around 210-225 at 5'8 or so... Can get there via Max-OT style work or higher frequency ramped work or BBB (if you prefer higher rep stuff) or other such high-frequency stuff or whatever...

Much easier and faster to achieve if you allow yourself to gain more bodyweight, of course.

Your biceps attachments/belly-shape also matter. Short bis stay short, and if yours are short AND flat (no peak), like Dave Henry's for example, then they will never be a strong point of yours and always look weak when flexed...

As for the exercises I mentioned, you don't have to do those specific ones necessarily of course... But Incline Curls aren't really something you go super-heavy and low rep on, after all your long head tendon is at stake there.

The numbers are for guys who go fairly fast on the negative... Someone weighing 250+ at average height may do that with controlled negatives of course, but at 210-225 that will be awfully difficult... And of course you won't get there in a year.

edited, quote function is messy...


(oh, and you don't have to do as many exercises as I mentioned in a single session... 3 if you train bis on their own once a week is fine, 2 or so if you hit them twice a week or with back or whatever, only one if you hit them three times a week (uses different ones then, not the same once three times).




Can you elaborate more on why not to go heavy on incline curls? I go 8-10 reps on it. I understand it works the long head but whats wrong with that?


It stretches the bicep tendon. Greater chance for injury. Keep the form under control and you should be ok