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Bigger Biceps Than Tricep

I started working out when I was 13, just with some crappy dumbells. I’m now 20. unfortunately I only worked out my biceps. I also lived on a farm, and threw haybales around, wood cutting, the works right. Well from all this I got strong, I’ve got back muscles, freaky lats, and traps of steel. I started out in a gym when I was 17. I also did a lot of rock climbing.

SO somehow between all of this, I kinda forgot about my triceps. I am currently unable to go to a gym, but I have a full dumbell set in my house. I have been trying to get my tri’s up to speed with the rest of the body, but I find that the majority of workouts that I try to do I end up using the other muscles to perform the functions of my tris. My shoulders and lats take up the slack when doing pushups, my chest and shoulders in dips. so my question is… how do I isolate my workouts to just my tri’s without a gym???

DB extensions. One-arm if you only have light DBs, two arms if you’ve got big ones. Also, try putting your hands close together when doing a pushup. This will target your tris more.