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Bigger Bench In 3.5 Weeks? Help!

Hey guys,
So I’m thinking about entering a local bench press competition. The comp is in about 3.5 weeks. It’s kinda short notice and the comp really isn’t a big deal, but I found out about it today and kinda got an itch to enter.

My bench has always been one of my weakest lifts. I’m tall and naturally lanky and lean. I’m 6’1", about 195, and only bench about 325 for a 1RM. I was actually planning to start a 4 week cycle of 1-test/4-AD-EC on Monday anyway, so that should give me a kick too. I’d like to concentrate on improving my bench over the next 3.5 weeks, and although I don’t expect to win the comp, even though it’s just a small local one, I kinda just want to try it for fun, and I want do the best I possibly can when the comp rolls around.

I haven’t been training the bench heavy lately but obviously that will have to change now. I have been hitting close grip bench and dips heavy though, so that should help. Lately I’ve been working out 4 days a week, spliting my body in half for upper/lower days, so each area is getting hit twice a week. My form is good and without going into details, my nutrition is tight.

What I want to do is shake up my training, however I have to to make my bench as high as possible in 3.5 weeks. Can anyone point me to an article they feel would be particularly useful here, or could anyone give some advice if they’ve been in a similar situation? Thanks to all who respond!!!


This may be more of a long term article, but it has helped me immensly.
I love HEAVY rack presses to build tricep strength, and I find that dumbell presses help to make sure that both arms are doing their share for the press and for keeping the bar straight.
Also try doing some light rotator cuff work. And check out Pavel Tsatsouline’s linear and wave loading workouts, they are supposed to be good for adding weight in short ammounts of time.


It may be too close to worry about getting stronger. Like Louie says, you dont really get any stronger the last couple of weeks before the meet. If it is no big deal I would just do it for the enjoyment and then concentrate on getting in the gym and bustin ass for the next one.

What part of Virginia are you from?