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Bigger Barbell

Anyone know a good way to convert normal bars at the gym to the thick bars (2" i think)?

Try a welder.

Eric Cressey said that if you could use two lynx grips to get a similar effect. They’re not very expensive compared to the alternative, but I haven’t tried them (my gym has a 2" thick bar).

What lifts are you going to use the 2" bar with?

[quote]smithjus wrote:
What lifts are you going to use the 2" bar with?[/quote]

This is a good question. If it’s for stuff like Zerchers or deadlifts (anything where the bar isn’t moving quickly), a length of PVC slid over the bar will do the trick. If it’s for cleans and presses and such, not a good idea to go that route.

I would like to use the bigger grips on DL’s, rows, cleans a such. I read a Poliquin article a while back and he attritubeted his huge forearms to using the big bars.

Hold the part of the bar that you slide the weights onto.