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Bigger Arms


Im just wundering why does my arms not getting big specially my bicep's. I nearly tried every thing from training it twice a week once a week 4 exerc or 1 exerc

some players said that I should give it a rest, I did but still nothing.

Im bulking now Im almost 83 and it's all going to my butt and legs they are really getting bigs Im just wondering why my arms are not. I dont care if I gained fat on them I just want them to look bigger and have the shape of the bicep's that I don't have now.


Tried to put my pic but coulden't just wanted to mantion that my hand is 12.38 and still no bicep's. I don't know how some new guys get that big


I'll assume the '83' is your weight in kilograms, not your age. The number does not have any meaning without a height attached.

Anyhow, to answer your question: if you want larger arms, ignore your arms. There was a 'Cool Tip' a while back that stated for every inch on your arms, you need about ten pounds of extra body mass.

If you want larger arms, here are the secrets:
1. eat
2. bench
3. deadlift
4. squat
5. chin
6. dip

I am not trying to flame you. Direct upper-arm work (curls, skull-crushers, etc) will not help you get huge arms if the rest of your body is not being worked.


Just don't know why my arms are not


Maybe you could find an answer to your liking here....



hammer curls, and all variations of them. i also use the smith machine curl, but one handed. heavy STRAIGHT bar curls. also form is crucial. all the way down, and up, but not all the way up. the top part of the curl should not be a rest point. i see sooooo many people go up unti thet almost hit their shoulders. that's like a half rep.come up until you are at about 50 deg. from the top. make sure you keep your elbows at your side.

don't lift with your delt's focus on the bi. twice a week for about a year, put over 4" on mine. 4" actually it's like 3" on bi. and 1" on tri. but 4" overall. don't forget that the bi. is used as a secondary muscle on many exercises. be careful not to overwork them, you will at the least, cut the amount of stress on the primary muscle's due to fatigue in the bi. tired bi's. can't pull as much as your back may need to grow.
worked for me. i have had great result's with this method.


if your not doing big compound movements, start. other than that i've always found that shoulder width BB press always added to my arms signifigantly...


My suggestion would be to generally stay away from most isolation exercises. Personally I think the best arms exercises are bench (or variant) and weighted dips for triceps and rows/weighted chinups for biceps. Do these exercises along with the heavy compound movements (e.g. squat, dead, etc.) to maximize anabolic hormone response. Oh yeah, and don't forget to eat.


I thought this post looked familiar.

You got to train more often. Try 4/5 days a week.


Tricep extensions everyday -

Eventually, you will get very big arms. Put a tattoo of a big heart with an arrow going through it on one of your huge arms, and you will become the neighborhood hearthrob.

Focker Out


The past couple of T-Nation insider emails have had good arm excercises. Just a thought, but wrap a towel around the bar on every movement, that will bring your grip up which adds to arms.
You could also do 3x10 of reverse curls everymorning, and 3x10 of regular curls every night. Arms are part of rowing, chinning pressing and everything else, but if you have a weak spot, you don't make it better by ignoring it.


dude... the basics being your body won't allow growth if you have strength imbalances/weak stabilizers. this means you can do curls till the cows come home but your bi's ain't gonna grow unitl you find the weaknesses in your legs, core, and back and strengthen them.

what's your squat/dl/pullup strength like ?
and why didn't you answer any of the questions from your other thread ?

did you even read the article posted ?

all the answers you need have already been posted over there.


Different thread, same poster, same question? WTF?

You didn't like the farking answers the first time around?


Are you working your Triceps as well?
Build up your triceps and you'll get a fuller look in your arms.


I am not saying your wrong, but I kinda disagree. Everyone here is talking about stabilizers, and big compound lifts. Lately there has been a lot of articles on that.

But let me ask you this-
If you cut out all three of your deltoid heads, would the posterior deltoid displace even half-as much water as your front deltoid?

I am not smoking something, its just an example to measure volume. Honestly though.

Your wrists- can you reverse wrist curl nearly as much as you can regular wrist curl?
Can you row as much as you can bench?
Preacher curls require very little in the stabilizer department, and they would help anyones arms grow.

Everyone is concentrating on everything but the arms. Would you win a benching contest by squating 3/4 of a ton? Yes squats and deadlifts and everything else are important, but maybe, just maybe, his stabilizers are just fine, and his arms do need some work.


You're forgetting that the original poster has less than 13" arms.

...and the spelling/grammar skills of a child. A very small child...


I know, he could jack off very, very fast with one arm and then switch at the two minute mark and go again with the other arm. That should stimulate growth in the bi's and delts. Then go right into a superset of overhead lifting a trashcan full of sand. Do at least 20 sets.

Seriously, read the goddamn articles on this site. There are tons, just for arms!! Read!



I'll keeping asking you the same question until I get an answer that I like!!

I'm still curious as to how you get the ".38" on the back of the 12 inches. It's not 12.4 inches, it's 12.38.

To the OP - how about you go back and read the other thread. Notice how the responses are the same here? And you still haven't answered my damn questions from last time.

How much weight do you bench, chin-up and row? I bet you're weak as piss on these exercises.


Do you think he is going to get more meat on his arms from doing 100lbs curls or a 400lbs bench? What about 100lbs curls or 300lbs chins? I know what has built my arms.

I would venture a guess that this guy's entire upper body is lacking in size and strength, and that is the problem.


And you don't think arms do work will rows, pull-ups, benching, and dips? Fine to do some direct work as well. But hitting the compounds hard and heavy and eating right is going to make the big difference.