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Bigdaddy082's Weight Loss Log

I am gonna start a training log, I am trying to lose weight. I weigh 285 right now, I want to get to 230 by the end of summer. I am going to mostly be logging my cardio b/c that is the place I puss out on. I am going to try to do cardio of some kind every day and will try to log it every day. If you want to follow along great if not that is fine too. I am doing this log to use the pressure of looking like a weak bitch infront of you guys to make me do my cardio. I will incorporate lifting after I can run a mile straight without stopping.

My goals besides the weight loss is to be able to run three miles a day. I want to be able to run a mile in the morning a mile at noon and a mile at night. Strength wise I just want to keep what I have for now.

Sunday May 3

Tried to run a mile eneded up running just over half a mile. I ran/ walked/ ran / walked \ ran to finish up. I am in horrible shape, damn cardio sucks. I feel good now see how I feel tomorrow.

Oh and after I ran I ate some vegetable soup and had 1 serving of mac and cheese. Yes the mac and cheese is shit but I am trying to get my diet turned around small steps though.

Mon. May 4th

Breakfast- 2 servings of lean beef- 1 serving of bread.

Walked 2 miles- I ran just under a mile this time but I could not do it continuously. 3 miles in altogether.

Post work out meal= 2 servings talapia fish and 1 dry baked potato.

3rd meal- I ate 2 lean pockets and ate some tortilla chips, then got pissed that I had ate that and said fuck it and ate some cookies also. Now I am pissed at myself and am going to try to go run some more. God damn it!

1 more mile of road work ran just under half a mile walked just over half a mile. To try to make up for my 3rd meal fuck up I am only gonna eat some fish and down a protein shake for the rest of the night.

You probably already have heard this before but just get all the crap food out of your house. That’s the best way to not eat bad stuff in a moment of weakness, buy cans of tuna instead of easy mac.

You can say your not going to eat the mini pizzas in your house or the chips and dip but just as Berardi says, if it’s in your possession you will eventually eat it, hope this helps bud.

Black- Thanks for the advice. I am gonna do it, I am done fucking up on my diet so much. I was told by a friend of mine that you just can’t out train a shitty diet. It is time to face the music I am fat b/c of my diet and lack of discipline in the kitchen.

I do want feedback from anyone that feels they could contribute to my goals. Thanks for being the first Black. I am gonna be logging my food intake for everyday as well as my cardio.

No problem man I battled with a bad diet for a long time man I know how insanely hard it is no matter what anyone says but you can do it man i have faith:)

My calves, hamstrings, and lower back are killing me. I need to stretch better before my runs I think.

2 servings of lean beef for breakfast today.

2 servings of turkey and 2 servings of beans

ran just under a mile walked a mile and a half

1 protein shake with 2 scoops of protein 50g protein

Can anyone tell me why my lower back is killing me? I am fine for about a half mile but after that when I cant run anymore and walk to recharge myself my lower back feels like I have a charlie horse in it.