“Bigconan” attacked several people this morning in various threads. The posts were not accepted. His behavior has become very troll-like. T-mag staff wasn’t sure if he was a troll or just really stupid and pathetic. Either way, we have barred him from posting on the T-forum.



Bigconan is the kind of person that drives smart people away from forums, so thank you!!

Damn…now where am i going to get my daily humor. I was waiting to see what a 5’8’’ 275lb "real man’ looked like. Oh well… there will always be more jackasses


 Thank you for so eloquently illustrate how a moderated forum keeps the trolls (or really REALLY stupid people) out. Tatally trippin doods...

What exactly is a
Forum Troll?

Thank you

you should of let him post his pics though

I’ll miss the big lug.

I know it’s for the best, but oh well. Maybe you could bring back Jason Baran. a guy’s gotta have his fun from time to time. I guess it’s back to try ART, go westside, yes, stretching is good, and know I don’t think that sounds like Herpes.

Come on! How much damage can a guy do on a internet forum? I kinda a like the shit he stirred up. It was entertaining.

yeah, definitely let that guy post again please. very original stuff.

I come to T-mag’s forum to avoid idiots like him. He brought down the forum IQ and contributed nothing but insults. He turned every thread he posted on into an argument. It wasn’t fun, it made me want to beat my head against the wall because of how stupid some people can be. Far from entertaining. Good riddance to bad garbage.

In all honesty, I hope he was only a troll. I’d hate to think there are real meatheads like him who refer to themselves in third person. Fat ass never posted his pic either.

So Bigconan was the Bob Dole of the forum then?

I was gonna say something, but Paul T. covered it pretty well.

Paul T… it’s "good widdance to bad wubbage !! "

 Paul, Im afraid he IS a real Meathead... check out this message he sent me using the handle Hercules (notice how he refers to himself in the 3rd person, and most importantly, how BIG of a deal he makes about bears and

04:46 PM

“first off, the retards at are just that retards, they won’t let conan speak his mind, so be it,they wanna bann him good. dude, your saying a big 2000 bear can out run a lion, dude, wake up, idiot. watch a little animal channel now and then, lol. you say go fight in iraq, why should i. its amazing how little you people know of animals. unreal. and diesel, shut ur mouth little boy. guys like you talk alot of trash on here, but i bet you wouldn’t say anything to my face.”

 I almost hit my head on my computer screen from laughing SO hard. It made my day...

Whata dork.

Thanks T-Mag!

Maybe the should start a topic section named Minimum standards (or mental code of conduct) and use BigConan and similar mates as examples in when specifying what is not accepted.