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So yeah, saw this on tv, and I'm looking for more info regarding Bigarrhythmia ie Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and this seemed a great place to start as there appears to be some fellas here afflicted with this psychological disorder here at T-Nation.

I thought, "Why not ask the experts?"

Whaddya think?




Your troll-fu sucks cock


hahahaha the least suddle troll job ever




It's ok, I got your back buddy :wink:

WRT OP, agreed, worst attempt at a troll job ever.


Well, I don't think I'm suffering from that terrible disease because I'm not big enough yet


haha I see what you did there.


Scot Abel (A former contributor here) wrote a book dedicated to this very topic called the Other Side of the Mirror.

Haven't read it personally, but google it if you're interested.


wow what was i thinking lol thanks man


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I entered the topic thinking i was about to discover a new disease.




Troll as an avatar, classic.