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big women

I have been here for a short while now, and on the off-topic forum I was introduced to the word ‘homo-repugnant’ now this topic has nothing to do with gay people at all, it is about fat out of shape people.

This was spawned by Loopfit’s letter in reader mail.

There are two seperate things that bother me about fat people, don’t get me wrong, I have no hatred for them, but some of the things they do annoy the hell out of me.

First off, when they complain about being fat, and they blame it on everything and everyone but themselves and their inability to control the ammount of garbage they force down their gullets day in and day out. Put down the fork and get some exercise.

Secondly, and in my opinion far worse, is when they don’t seem to realize that they are fat, possibly because it crept up on them slowly or maybe because of all the self-empowering talk show hosts with their beautiful on the inside talk, which is all well and good, but they are still fat on the outside.

And all of that leads to them wearing tight clothes and belly baring shirts ( and they bare ALOT) and dancing and grinding in the bars, which is very un-cool.

So maybe I am flawed because I just think that people should wear clothes that flatter their good qualities, not leave gobs of flesh pouring out of straining shirts.

oh well, call me a jerk if you will, but I just can’t find fat attractive. with or without lotion.


DAMMIT!!! I forgot to put the word Fatty-repugnant at the beggining, without that the whole ‘homo-repugnant’ thing was utterly useless…

Maybe I should be stupid-repugnant and be mad at myself.

I hate when fat people ask if I think they’re fat. It’s pretty obvious that I do and I’m not one to tell them otherwise. Then all of a sudden I have issues with fat people becuase I gave an honest answer to a painfully obvious question. How do you look a 5’4 240 pound person in the face and tell them that they’re body is okay when it’s not.


Me too, dude. I’ve posted diatribes and rants about the “larger-waistline demographic” several times on these forums. There is nothing beautiful about a waddling, flabby, lump of goo. Inside or out. All the Oprah-style feel-good crap about it being okay to be fat is a filthy lie. It is NOT okay. The health consequences of obesity are well-known. Not to mention that when you’re obese, you look like a big fat hunk o’ crap. There’s another topic floating around here about some posters who are trying to help family or friends fight back against their obesity, and I think that’s great. I can’t imagine what kind of Hell it must be to be trapped in that “vicious cycle” of eating because you’re fat, and you’re fat because you eat (a la Fat Bastard). I just can’t identify with them at all.

And for the love of God, Ms. Piggy, don’t wear that tube top! (Hurk)!!

i’ve f’d my share though! find a fold and ride the wave if you’re wasted enuff! wait, did i just say that out loud? SHIT!

fat chicks give good head. why? because they have to.

for the record, i wouldn’t touch an obese woman with a ten foot cheese stick, but its really inspiring to see women drop tons of weight and look sexy (karma) proving that its a matter of will power and nothing more, medical conditions excluded

Lumburjak I totally agree, I have nothing wrong with those that are doing something about it, as a matter of fact I have the utmost respect for them, because they are taking their lives into their own hands and shaping themselves into healthy beautiful people.

and yeah Karma is so hot… umm yeah… i gotta go now.

some guys love fat women.

those really fat chicks with short shorts and a bikinni top showing off their many roles, actually attract certain guys. funky. especially fat black women, they laugh at skinny girls.

ever see those fat babies on springer? the 130lbs 1 year olds?


This is one I should not get started on. I will stick to one or two of the things that piss me off the most.
“You don’t know how it is to be fat…” You’re right, I don’t know. You know why? Because I strictly monitor my food intake and am in the gym 10-15 hours a week. They do not understand what it is to exercise anything, let alone self control. Fuck it if they think I am some kind of elitist. (You know what, I guess I am)
Fat people on the beach really piss me off. Yeah, I’m a bastard (elitist, remember) for thinking that only attractive people should be on the beach, but what is the point of being on the beach if you are a 300lb blob of lard? Tanning is great, but then you are only bronzed lard. Noone is going to think that is sexy, so why show it off. I would not be able to live with myself in that shape. I would definitely not show it off.
Maybe I am such a bastard about fat people because I honestly cannot understand how they let themselves go. I have way too much self respect to ever destroy myself in that way.

some guys love fat women.

Correct that please.

Some guys love fat women because they can`t get any better.

The classic: If you could have anything you want … ? question comes to mind. Who would answer Intelligent, Sane, No Hidden Vices, Independent, Responsible, and… fat?

Let’s be honest. Someone attracted to some unhealthy gene/behaviour is surely not making his genepool a favor. At all. And it has been my experience that what is attractive always makes evolutionary sense. That dude may be seeking a soul mate, you know misery loves company, but 2 weak genes don`t make a strong one…

So I beg to differ. :0)

My favorite has to be the ones who’s asses don’t fit into 1 chair, yet they will sit for hours in a buffet resteraunt just shovelling it down like food is on the endangered list. I frequent Ryan’s fairly regularly and this just annoys me. I want to tell them that walking back and forth to the dessert counter does not count as an exercise regimen. I’m not trying to put anyone down or be hateful but, show a little self control. If your 3-5 inches from losing a chair in your butt crack, you may want to rethink that last piece of pie.

Yesterday I went for long hike with a little over a hundred pounds in rocks in my backpack(I’m not crazy), and it occurred to me like a light in the sky, “I know why fat people don’t like to move!” If I was obese I’d be really into the drive thru window. Oh yeah, I don’t like fat relatives/friends etc. who give you shit about not wanting to eat their mashed potatoes or special deserts, it’s like weigh your own ass and then ask me why I don’t wanna eat it dumbass!

DAN C: Not true. There are fatty-chasers that actually prefer big women. Known fact.

Fat chicks are like mopeds - they’re fun to ride until your friends find out.

alot of men prefer fat women, i dont know why. it’s not that they can’t get any better.

ok and correct me if im wrong, but didnt many ‘male’ humans prefer fat women hundreds of years ago, before maxim, supermodels, and anna.

in all of these portraits you see big tub of lards posing, obviously everyone thought they were beutiful.


you guys hate ‘fat’ people or ‘morbidly obese people’ ? when i read your comments im assuming morbidly obese people who can barely walk and are 500 lbs… those are the only (fat) people I have a problem with, the super duper morbidly obese people… other than that being a little overweight aint that bad… or are you talking about all fat people? even superheavyweight PL’rs tanning on the beach. :slight_smile: just curious

i know there’s a couple people on this forum who prefer fat women… come forward!

.Fact: Fat people are hard to kidnapp

btw, THE GENE POOL IS FAT DUHH… look at all the fat people, everyone is fat, everywhere i go, fatness… obviously our ancestors didnt just fuck the skinny anorexic alley mcbeal cave women… “heafty plump, big and juicy”

has nothing to do with this thread:
im not fat, im 6’1 183, im not really that skinny either (anymore), but dont you guys find really skinny people trying to get more lean just to see their abs disgusting? or people who eat 99% of their food through supplements disgusting? or just male supermodels with that homosexually toned body disgusting?

t-mag readers are generally more advanced than this, but a vast majority of people who workout/try to get real lean are so OBSESSED that it is disgusting and unhealthy. thats probably why alot of people continue to stay fat, eating absolutely nothing but slimfast shakes just doesnt outweigh eating a bunch of delicious steaks and dying at 50 a fatso :slight_smile:

There’s this big 400-pound guy at work who’s always saying “I just can’t figure out why my feet always hurt…” and blames it on his shoes.

I’m not sure which is funnier, him or the feminists who say being fat is a way to reject the female body image that society imposes on them.



iamnobody, i guess the average educated weight trainer falls somewhere in the happy median between anorexic model fag and fatass blob.

if it weren’t for these people i wouldn’t be such a stud. i just get pissed when they tell me my diet is unhealthy.