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Big weights & fat loss

I’ve tried specialized programs like Meltdown in the past and had great results with fat loss. Especially in conjunction with a diet like T-Dawg. But every time when I go back to lifting bigger weights my strength is shot. I was going to begin cutting next month, and I think I’m going to lift heavy, do alot of core/abdominal work, and a little extra cardio. I’m pretty thin already, and burning fat is very easy for me… but when I try things like meltdown and higher reps, my strength melts along with the fat. Does anyone else train heavy with reduced cals/carbs for fat loss?

Yes. It works well. It’s been discussed here before - check the archives.

Yeah, I remember it being discussed before, and I did check the engine… but I’m not really coming up with anything useful. Besides, I wouldn’t mind discussing with someone who is still posting here.

I do. I usually stay around 8-10% without dieting. If I really want to det ripped I just pick up the reps, intensity, and do a few more smaller exercises. I also cut the calories back and watch the fat intake.