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Big Water Cuts for Meets

Just wondering what the top-level lifters typically cut for meets, if anyone has any insight?

Have read stories (some direct from the source) of guys like Chuck V., Dan Green, Chris Duffin, and Matt Kroc all cutting from over 250 to make 220. This sounds crazy extreme and I am assuming at the far end of the spectrum. On the other hand Lilliebridge has said he walks around at 300 and doesn’t cut at all for a meet.

Personally I have cut 12 pounds from 232 to 220 and BARELY made it. I couldn’t imagine water cutting more and I am not nearly as lean as the guys mentioned. I’m still gaining in weight and lifts and not totally sure what weight class I belong in, so just looking for some insight.

How tall are you and what are strength levels, how long have been training?

I’m 5’6" currently 240 - aiming to get to 250 for my next meet for an easy cut to 242. This would be my third meet. I’m not looking to pull off a crazy 15+ lb cut any time soon. Just trying to get a feel for what other people do.

For an 8 pounds cut i would cut out bread,pasta, red meat for a week and add plenty of fiber instant oatmeal or fiber one you only have cut a few pounds of water at this point, wear couple layers of clothes thermal pants and top and a sweat suit do like treadmill bike etc. Make sure you rehydrate and carb up after you make weight but nothing excessive.

I have successfully cut from 232 to 198.
10 days water load and sodium load.
7 days out no red meat, dairy, and carbs only from Rice. Probiotics twice a day.
4 days out carbs cut in half
3 days out carbs cut in half again water bumped to 2.5gallons
2 days out no carbs, water bumped to 3 gallons. Sodium cut out completely.
24 hours out no water at all
16 hours out no more food
12 hours out began Suana (around 213)

Immediately weigh in and begin drinking fluid mix of Pedialyte, Gatorade, HBCD, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Creatine, BCAA, Glycerin. 3 gallons through out day. Atleast 1 full gallon BEFORE ever touching food. If you begin eating before your get fluid in you then your stomach and intestines will not digest and move the food near well enough and you will have a almost impossible time getting the food in. Shooting for 1000g of carbs, 15g of Sodium. Fat kept moderate.

My day usually looks like
9am weigh in and immediately start drinking fluid mix. Head back to hotel room or where ever asap and hook up to Dexstrose IV

12pm- First gallon of fluid mix drank

1pm- 3 bagels begin second gallon.
3pm 2 packs ramen noodles

5pm- 2nd gallon of fluid mix down eat a dinner of Sushi usually 6-8 tuna and salmon rolls with soy sauce and chicken broth based soup. Begin 3rd fluid mix

8pm- 3 bagels

10pm- finishing 3rd gallon of fluid and 2 packs of ramen noodles

11pm- hook up to dexstrose IV over night

3am- hook up to saline IV and 2-3 bagels along with sipping another gallon of the fluid mix.

6am- wake up and have breakfast. Usually 2 eggs, large orange juice, grits and waffle continue drinking fluid mix.

9am meet begins.


@Reed damn dude. That’s a hardcore cut.

I think if this is same Reed he is super strong.

What do you think about drinking only distilled water Forrest Griffith mentioned in his book, he had to fight in uk and couldn’t get it totally screwed hid cut up. Forrest is ufc fighter.

I’m not sure I’d say super strong haha but I’m decent. As for distilled water the day or so leading up it might help but, it wouldn’t have any negative effect or positive effect for rehydration in my opinion.

@Reed did you have time for sleep in there? Lol what did you total that day?

Yeah I slept 11ish to 3 and 3-6 after quick hook up